5 Best Lions Mane UK Supplement Methods: Powders to Pills

by | Dec 15, 2023

Last Update: May 10, 2024
Best Lions Mane Supplement UK
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Hunting for the best lions mane supplement UK? Well, you’re not alone, as lions mane supplements have seen a 23% increase in sales over the past year alone. Most likely due to this nootropic mushrooms potential to boost cognitive function, focus, and possibly even memory.

However, if you have been left feeling overwhelmed by the dozens of lions mane products, from gummies to capsules to extracts, on offer to UK consumers looking to buy mushroom supplements, then you have found the blog for you!. As in this product roundup and comparison, titled the ‘6 Best lions Mane supplements UK Edition’, we will be helping you navigate through the world of functional mushrooms by introducing you to the most widely used lions mane supplement products, each with an easy-to-compare and contrast pros and cons list for each, and matching what we believe is the best lions mane supplement product to which lifestyle it most suits. We hope to help you discover the best supplement product to incorporate into your daily wellness routine. As well as providing key information to ensure you can decide the best lion’s mane product to start supplementing with.

Not forgetting as well, we will be answering all of the top frequently asked questions in relation to lions mane supplements, such as ‘what is the best lions mane brand?’ and ‘Are Lions Mane gummies or capsules best?’. By the end of this blog, we hope to have provided you with everything you need to feel confident and ready to decide which lions mane supplement to buy, based on which method is right for  your lifestyle and help to provide a boost to your overall wellness.

But without further ado, let’s jump right into this magical world of mushroom supplements, and look to answer, What is the best Lions Mane supplement UK buyers have to choose from!

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Do you want to learn a little more about lions mane mushroom UK before diving into the supplement options? If so, visit our Lions Mane Mushroom: Ultimate Guide

The Quest for the Best Lions Mane Supplement UKBest Lions Mane Supplement Uk

With so many different forms of this fungus on the UK market, from lions mane powder, to fresh lion’s mane it can seem slightly overwhelming to be spoilt for choice when you are shopping for the best lions mane supplement UK to add to your wellness routine. So to help anyone who is looking to make a purchase, we have put together this roundup to give you the best lion’s mane supplement in the UK in each product class to help with your decision.

But why is the UK suddenly on a quest to find the best lions mane supplements? It could be for the many potential benefits, which seem to have something for everyone.

After reading this buyer’s guide on choosing the best lions mane supplement for your wellness routine, we hope you will feel equipped with all the information you need to start your mystical journey into the world of functional mushrooms. But if you have some questions, we will hopefully have them answered in our frequently asked Lions mane UK questions at the end of the guide.

So, lets help you answer, ‘what is the best lions mane supplement UK for me to buy?’

Understanding the Benefits of Lions Mane Supplements UK

Lion’s Mane Mushroom UK (hericium erinaceus) is a functional mushroom belonging to the ‘nootropic‘ group of compounds. Nootropics are substances, natural or chemical (we only use natural nootropics, here at The London Dispensary), that show potential or the ability to boost and improve cognitive performance, focus, and memory.

Lion’s mane, also known as  the ‘pom pom mushroom’ or ‘monkey face mushroom’ in China, is well suited to caves in the northern hemisphere, but it has become rather hard to find them. But you don’t have to worry about going cave hunting to get the benefits of this mystical looking fungus, and we also wouldn’t advise looking on Amazon for your lions mane supplements UK either. Stick with the brand’s own websites, as they are able to display and provide you with all the information you need, as well as lab reports and more, to authenticate their products.

Lions Mane has been the subject of many scientific studies exploring it’s potential benefits for improved cognitive function, focus, concentration, and  more. But it isn’t the only medicinal mushroom with potential benefits; chaga mushroom and reishi mushroom are also being researched due to being packed full of health supporting compounds.

Historical Use and Modern Popularity of Lion’s Mane Mushroom

Lion’s Mane Mushroom UK hasn’t always been a native; as mentioned, it has a long heritage in Chinese and Japanese cultures traditionally, where it was used for lots of different applications, but at one point was reserved only for royalty. But its most well discussed and potential beneficial use has been as a natural nootropic, which is a substance that helps to boost brain power and cognitive ability naturally. Today, lion’s mane mushroom extract is widely used for many different reasons, but research is still underway to quantify its true potential.

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As far back as 450 BCE in Ancient Greece, Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, identified mushrooms as having potent anti-inflammatory properties that could be used to cauterise wounds.


Lion's Mane Supplements Uk

What Potential Health Benefits do Lion’s Mane supplements provide?

Lions Mane UK has become the subject of much research, which has likely driven the demand for Lions mane supplements worldwide. Lion’s mane mushroom extract has been studied for its ability to potentially promote brain health and cognitive function. It also qualifies as an adaptogen due to its potential ability to support the body’s stress response. This clever mushroom has also apparently shown some potential to boost the immune system with its beneficial compounds. Our Ultimate guide on all things Lion’s mane mushroom looks at the health benefits of this mystical mushroom in more detail.

That just leaves us to run through the top 5 best Lions mane supplement forms. From lions mane gummies to lions mane tea, here we go…

Top 6 Lion’s Mane Supplements UK Edition: Choosing the Best Lions Mane Supplement UK

We will run through our top 6 ways to supplement with Lion’s Mane mushroom, which have been selected for their convenience, ability to fit into everyday life, value, and overall effectiveness when it comes to adding lion’s mane extract to your daily supplement regime.

We will help you explore the different forms of lion’s mane supplements to give you all of the information and knowledge you need to find the best lion’s mane for your daily life. Each product overview includes a breakdown of the main points to know, a clear pros and cons list of each, and some frequently asked questions, such as where do you buy lions mane supplements, for example. Right, let’s start, shall we?!

1. Lion’s Mane gummies

Best Lions Mane Gummies

Super convenient lion’s mane gummies make supplementing easy and enjoyable. You can fit Lion’s Mane gummies in your bag or even your pocket and consume them on the go. It’s best to look for all-natural gummies that are also vegan-friendly. Then, you will be on to a winner with these lions mane supplements that could potentially support brain health, mental clarity, and immune system function. Lions Mane Gummies come in a variety of tasty flavours and never seem to feel like they are even a supplement when you find a brand that really hits the mark.

A great way to get the potential benefits of lion’s mane and its beneficial compounds. Call us biassed, but we think, due to being tasty, simple, and convenient, that the gummy form is the best lions mane supplement UK.

Where can I buy lions mane gummies in the UK?

There is a huge variety of different gummies available online, it can be hard to choose once you have decided you are looking to buy lions mane gummies in particular. We generally advise against purchasing supplements or anything edible from Amazon, for a few reasons, a few of which are that the Amazon warehouses are built for logistics, have a huge volume moving through them, and probably aren’t the ideal place you want to be purchasing well-being food items you are going to consume from.

Another reason why we believe you only get the best lions mane supplements UK straight from the brand, is that you do not get to experience the brand or small business that is behind the product; things like lab reports are not going to be readily available, and you won’t get a feel for the overall story of the people behind the business that you are looking to buy Lions Mane Gummies from.

If you are looking for lions mane gummies that are multi-award winning, including multiple wins for best CBD gummies, and best supplement for memory, then The London Dispensary’s High-Strength CBD, ginseng, chaga, and Lions Mane mushroom gummies are definitely worth a try.

Pros of Lion’s Mane Gummies

  • Convenience and ease: They are tasty, convenient and discreet
  • Good on the go: Easy to dose and carry around with you
  • Lots of options: Lions mane gummies come in a range of flavours, and you can shop around for a brand that you align with
  • Synergy ingredients: You can get gummies formulated with other helpful supplements and nootropics, such as ginseng, and CBD

Cons of Lion’s Mane Gummies

  • Too many options: Lots of choice can be a bad thing
  • Trusting a Brand: Some brands are not trustworthy, always check the reviews and for lab reports prior to buying
  • Variation in Price: Lions mane gummies can vary in price a lot, but generally, you get the quality you pay for

Who are Lions’s Mane Gummies the best Lions Mane supplement for?

Lions Mane Gummies are an innovative, convenient, tasty, and easy-to-take-on-the-go  option for anyone looking for a method of supplementing their wellness but who doesn’t like or who finds traditional methods of supplementing daunting, such as swallowing capsules. There are some fantastic options available on the UK market, offering gummies with not just lion’s mane but that contain other natural ingredients in them as well. So if your lifestyle is all about convenience on the go, but you dislike traditional supplement types, gummies could be the best Lions Mane supplement UK buyers could choose to support their wellness.

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Look for Lion’s Mane Gummies that contain other natural nootropic ingredients to help with focus and energy. We think this is the way to ensure you have the best lions mane supplement, as this way, you get the most out of lions mane gummies and get great synergy effects too!

2. Lion’s mane vegan capsules, lion’s mane pills and Lion’s mane tablets

Lions Mane Vegan Capsules

When choosing lion’s mane capsules, pills, or tablets, it’s important to look for the type or part of lion’s mane mushroom that is used in them, as a lot of supplement brands will use a cheaper extract and filler that is not the fruiting body, which is where the goodness and the potential benefits from this magical mushroom are stored. Look for a reputable supplier and hunt for the best lions mane brand you can find, that offers high-quality ingredients and third-party testing where you can. Determine the appropriate lions mane dosage based on your needs, and follow the recommended instructions and precautions.

We generally recommend to stay away from sites like Amazon and eBay; if you wouldn’t buy your dinner from them, don’t buy your lion’s mane supplements from them. Dusty warehouses have many ways for the product to be contaminated.

Lion’s mane tablets are possibly the easiest way for a business to cut corners in their manufacturing process and increase their profits. So our advice is to look for a different format to take, as lion’s mane tablets are unlikely to be the best lion’s supplement type. They are likely to have an abundance of fillers and other buffering compounds in them to make the tablets look more than they might be.

Pros of Lion’s Mane Vegan Capsules and Lion’s mane tablets

  • They are vegan (make sure you check the product information however)
  • Easy to dose and carry with you
  • There are a lot to choose from

Cons of Lion’s Mane Vegan Capsules and lion’s Mane tablets

  • They often are filled with filler and buffer agents to stretch the product to increase profits
  • It is hard for some to swallow
  • You can end up not knowing what you are consuming from Amazon and others



3. Lion’s Mane Tea

Lions Mane Tea

Lion’s mane tea is the most traditional method of consuming and supplementing Lions Mane UK, but is it the best lions mane supplement? Lion’s mane extract is normally in a powder form to brew the tea, but dried or fresh lion’s mane mushrooms can also be used to make lion’s mane tea. Hot water is added or strained through the lion’s mane extract, producing a somewhat interesting-tasting mushroom tea. We say interesting as the distinct oyster like taste might not be every person’s cup of tea (sorry, I couldn’t resist!).

So this method might not be considered the best lions mane supplement for the majority out there, as other lion’s mane mushroom supplements do not have the aftertaste of shellfish. You might want to explore another option if you are not a fan of oysters.  But if you like oyster broth or soup, this one is probably for you.

If it is for you, then you can experience the potential benefits of lion’s mane mushrooms with traditional, caffeine-free lion’s mane tea. Incorporating lion’s mane tea into your healthy lifestyle could potentially offer improved immune support and cognitive function, making it a natural substitute for hot beverages.

Where To Buy Lion’s Mane Tea in the UK?

You can buy lion’s mane mushroom tea in powder, or you can use the dried mushroom form or even fresh lion’s mane in the UK. Fresh is best, but it doesn’t keep for very long once it has been detached from its growing environment, which is often a log of hardwood with its bark intact, so you might end up drinking lion’s mane tea a bit too much to get through it in time before the end of its best before date.

Pros of Lion’s Mane Tea

  • Easy for nearly anyone to consume
  • Easy to prepare and dose
  • It’s easier to tell the quality of the lion’s mane if you use dried or fresh lions mane

Cons of Lion’s Mane Tea

  • Not too easy to consume or prepare on the go
  • Needs more equipment to make than the others
  • Sometimes the oyster taste isn’t for everyone
  • Can be rather expensive for some reason

4. Fresh Lion’s mane Mushroom UK

Lions Mane Mushroom Sketch

Incorporating fresh lion’s mane mushroom UK into your diet is generally believed to be one of the best lions mane supplement UK methods for your diet. Fresh Lion’s Mane mushroom UK offers a pretty versatile and nutritious way to reap the benefits of the ‘pom pom’ mushroom. As mentioned, it is enjoyed by many due to its distinct oyster flavour, which is a bit of a mystery as to why it has that taste.

Many vegetarians and vegans buy lion’s mane mushrooms and add them to their diets due to this functional mushroom being full of potentially beneficial plant compounds, as well as being low in salt and calories. The fleshy body of the mushroom can make a good meat alternative, additionally, fresh lion’s mane mushrooms are full of essential nutrients, proteins, and antioxidants.

However, there are some clear drawbacks with fresh Lion’s mane as your only source of Lion’s mane supplements; you likely are not going to want to consume it daily due to its limited shelf life, making it harder to buy readily, and you will probably not be able to set a timetable for having the fresh version at your fingertips every day either.

But if you do decide to at least give it a try in its fresh form, it is best lightly sautéed in a pan with a little oil and allowed to cook in its own juices and flavours to get the full aroma and taste profile from the experience.

Pros of Lions mane UK Fresh

  • It will have the most beneficial compounds
  • You can see the quality easily
  • You can prepare and cook how you choose
  • Contains essential nutrients, proteins, & antioxidants
  • Good meat replacement
  • Low in salt and calories

Cons of Lions Mane UK fresh

  • It doesn’t last very long once harvested
  • Hard to get hold of and expensive when you do
  • Longest to prepare
  • Requires forward planning in advance

5. Lion’s mane Drops

Lions Mane Tincture

Supplementing with Lion’s Mane drops might attract people, as many might gravitate towards drops, especially if you are already a CBD oil user, as this will be most familiar. However, there is a challenge with a lion’s mane drops in the fact that lion’s mane extract isn’t water- or oil-soluble, unlike CBD extracts, lion’s mane extract actually requires a rarely used alcohol extraction process and generally remains in the alcohol in some form, as it can dissolve fully for longer periods of time.

The extraction process requires alcohol proof or ethanol to produce the contents of a lion’s mane drops. The process is complex, time consuming, expensive, and requires specialist laboratory equipment and knowledge to be done successfully. This makes us very suspicious of the number of Lion’s Mane drops available online to purchase. Additionally, there just doesn’t seem much point when you can supplement lions mane mushroom or other easier-to-produce forms.

Additionally, not many are going to wish to ingest a drop of commercial alcohol as a supplement, even if it does contain lions mane extract. This pretty much rules out drops as being a day-to-day or cost-effective solution for supplementing. In our opinion, at least!

Pros of Lion’s Mane Drops

  • Quick to get into the blood stream
  • Most accurate dose
  • That is about it…

Cons of Lion’s Mane Drops

  • Expensive
  • Comes in alcohol
  • Not the best-tasting form
  • Not sure all of the available lion’s mane tincture you see online are legit

 + 1 additional Lion’s Mane Supplement: Lions Mane powder

Lions Mane Powder

A late addition to our best lions mane supplement UK roundup list is the increasingly popular and simple lions mane powder.

Lions mane powder is pretty versatile as a way of supplementing lions mane mushrooms into your diet. You can add a scoop of powder to smoothies, protein shakes, or even as a pre-workout boost. You can brew lions mane tea with it. Even disguise it in a variety of dishes. So it is likely this form of supplement has been gaining popularity based on its versatility.

It also allows you to buy lions mane powder directly from the manufacturing source, cutting out the middle man and the cost associated with them. However, let’s not forget about that unique oyster taste that lions mane famously has! So again, this might not be the best lions mane supplement for everyone out there.

Pros of lions mane powder

  • Value for money, as you are able to source direct
  • It is very versatile, with the ability to add it to many different forms of consumption
  • With a good eye, you can tell the quality and if filler agents have been used
  • Allows for accurate dosing
  • A pretty good and versatile way to easily supplement lions mane mushroom

Con’s of lions mane powder

  • The taste
  • The taste
  • The taste! (need we say more?)

Factors to Consider while Choosing the Best Lions Mane Supplement UK

Consider your preferences when choosing between what is best for your lifestyle, whether it’s: lion’s mane tinctures, capsules, or lions mane powder. Evaluate quality and purity, ensuring supplements are free from fillers. Look for fruiting body extracts for beneficial compounds. Consider extraction methods for active compound preservation. Also, check for third-party testing to ensure there are no heavy metals or contaminants.

Best Lion’s Mane Supplements Available in the UK

The London Dispensary offers a premium lion’s mane supplement in the form of their High Strength CBD Gummies with lion mane, chaga, and ginseng. The vegan gummies with lion’s mane extract are perfect for those seeking a convenient, tasty, and fun way to supplement their healthy lifestyle. Using fruiting body extraction, The London Dispensary ensures that their lion’s mane supplements retain all the beneficial compounds and benefits that lion’s mane has to offer. Plus, all of their products are free from fillers, binding agents, additives, and heavy metals.

With all 5-star customer reviews on The London Dispensary’s website, TrustPilot and Google Reviews, you can rest assured you are getting a quality product that lives up to the hype. They also publish all of their lab reports for each batch by third-party accredited laboratories.

Lion's Mane Gummies

Not only are you getting the potential benefits of Lion’s mane, but also CBD, chaga, and ginseng in this super easy and convenient way to supplement your lifestyle, with just needing to take two gummies a day for a natural boost. That is why we think Lions mane gummies are the best form to get your lions mane daily supplementation from.

Key Benefits:
  • High dose of broad-spectrum organically grown cannabinol (CBD)
  • Lion’s mane mushroom to support cognitive function and reduce brain fog
  • Chaga mushroom as an antioxidant for the body
  • Ginseng to support cognitive function
  • Multi-award winning – including best supplement for memory
  • All four super ingredients work in synergy with each other to potentially provide the following benefits:








Verified Review Icon

Verified Review

These gummies are totally delicious! Best way of taking supplements. I have to remind myself to only have two (-:
I first took them after having a few hours of sleep following a night shift. Usually I’d be so tired afterwards that I’d have to chill out for the rest of the day, but this time I had the energy to clean the whole house and do all the things I would have left until later in the week, when I’d have the energy to face them. Amazing! I totally recommend them. – Sumitra, UK

Are there any Side Effects of Lion’s Mane?

Lion’s Mane UK is generally considered safe for consumption and is not known to have any major side effects. However, some individuals may experience mild side effects such as digestive discomfort, including diarrhoea, constipation, or bloating. Additionally, some individuals may develop an allergic reaction to Lion’s Mane, which could result in symptoms such as itching, rashes, or difficulty breathing. It is important to note that Lion’s Mane may also interact with certain medications, so individuals who are taking prescription medications should consult with a healthcare professional before adding Lion’s Mane to their regimen.

As with any supplement, it is recommended to start with a small dosage and monitor for any potential side effects before increasing the amount consumed. Overall, while Lion’s Mane is generally well-tolerated, it is important to be aware of the potential for mild side effects and to seek medical advice if any concerning symptoms arise.

How and When to Take Lion’s Mane Supplements?

Lion’s Mane supplements can be taken at any time of the day, but most people prefer to take them in the morning with breakfast. This is because Lion’s Mane is known for its cognitive benefits and can help improve focus, concentration, and overall brain function. Taking it in the morning can help to kickstart your day and provide mental clarity for the tasks ahead. Some people also choose to take Lion’s Mane supplements before bed, as it may help to promote relaxation and improve sleep quality.

Ultimately, the best time to take Lion’s Mane supplements will depend on your personal preference and when you feel you can best benefit from its effects. It’s always a good idea to consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new supplement regimen, especially if you have any underlying health conditions or are taking other medications.

Lions Mane Fruiting Body: The Best Part

The Lions Mane fruiting body is often considered the best part of the mushroom due to its numerous potential health benefits. This part of the mushroom is packed with bioactive compounds such as polysaccharides, hericenones, and erinacines, which have been linked to improving cognitive function, reducing inflammation, and supporting overall immune health. In traditional Chinese medicine, Lions Mane has been used for centuries to promote digestive health and as a powerful natural remedy for neurological conditions.

Research has also shown that the fruiting body of the Lions Mane mushroom contains nerve growth factors that can potentially stimulate the growth and repair of nerve cells in the brain and central nervous system. Additionally, it is suggested to support healthy ageing, making it a popular choice as a natural supplement for brain health. With its impressive array of potential health-promoting compounds, the Lions Mane fruiting body is indeed the best part of the mushroom for those seeking to improve their overall well-being.

What dose of lions mane should I take?

To determine the right dosage once you have chosen the best lion’s mane supplement for you, consider your health goals and body weight. Start with a low dosage and gradually increase as needed. Adjust the dosage based on your body’s response and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

When is the Best Time to Take Lion’s Mane?

The best time to take lion’s mane mushroom is typically in the morning, with breakfast, or before starting your day. This is because lion’s mane is thought to have stimulating and energising effects, making it a great addition to your morning routine to help kickstart your day. Some people also find that taking lion’s mane in the afternoon can provide a natural boost of energy and focus to help combat the midday slump. However, it’s generally recommended to avoid taking lion’s mane too close to bedtime, as its stimulating effects could potentially interfere with your ability to fall asleep.

Ultimately, the best time to take lion’s mane may vary depending on your individual response to the mushroom and your specific needs. It’s always a good idea to start with a small dosage and pay attention to how your body responds in order to determine the best timing for you.

Is Lion’s Mane Supplement Worth the Investment?

While more research is needed to fully understand the extent of lion’s mane benefits, many individuals have reported positive effects from taking the supplement. However, it’s important to note that individual responses to supplements can vary, and some people may not experience the same benefits. Ultimately, whether the investment in lion’s mane Supplement is worth it depends on the individual’s specific health goals and needs. Consulting with a healthcare professional before starting any new supplement regimen is always recommended.

Lions Mane Uk Banner

Is Lion’s Mane illegal in UK?

Lion’s Mane is considered a legal dietary supplement in the UK. It is not illegal to purchase or consume Lion’s Mane in the country. However, it is important to buy from reputable sources and ensure that the product meets all legal requirements.

What is the downside of Lion’s Mane?

Some users have reported experiencing gastrointestinal discomfort after taking Lion’s Mane supplements. The long-term effects of Lion’s Mane on cognitive function require further research. It is important to purchase Lion’s Mane supplements from reputable sources for quality and safety. Always consult a healthcare professional before starting any new supplement, including Lion’s Mane.

What are the benefits of taking lion’s mane?

Lion’s mane offers numerous potential benefits. It has shown promise when it comes to cognitive function and memory and may alleviate inflammation and oxidative stress. Research suggests it may help with depression and anxiety, boost the immune system, and support healthy digestion.

Does lions mane really work?

There is evidence suggesting that lion’s mane may offer cognitive benefits, along with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. However, further research is needed to fully understand its effects. It’s always best to consult a healthcare professional before taking lion’s mane supplements.

Like with all supplements, from ashwagandha gummies to CBD oil for anxiety, it is best to have realistic expectations when it comes to adding them to your wellness routine.

Is Lion’s Mane legal in the UK?

Lion’s Mane is indeed legal in the UK. It is not classified as a controlled substance and is not banned by any regulatory authority. You can even grow it yourself if you have the equipment and knowledge to do so. However, it’s important to purchase from reputable sources to ensure quality and safety.

But even though it is fully legal to purchase and grow yourself, if you happen to be exploring any caves in the UK and spot a majestic-looking lion’s mane mushroom, leave it alone, as it is illegal to harvest lion’s mane from the wild in the UK. Doing so could get you in some trouble, as it has the highest level of preservation orders attached to it that any plant or fungus can be awarded in the UK. So look, observe, and admire, but leave it alone!


In conclusion, there are various forms of Lion’s Mane supplements available on the UK market, each offering its own unique benefits. When it comes to deciding what is the best lions mane supplement UK for you, it will come down largely to preference and your lifestyle. Whether you prefer gummies, capsules, tea, fresh mushrooms, or tinctures, there is an option for everyone. Here is a summary of the key points to consider when choosing your best lions mane mushroom supplement:

  • Convenience
  • Extraction Method
  • Taste
  • Personal Preference
  • Other ingredients
  • Quality
  • Lifestyle
  • Trust of the Brand
  • Other factors, including current nutrition and supplementation

Additionally, it is important to understand the right dosage and the best time to take Lion’s Mane for your wellness goals, to ensure you get the most out of your lions mane supplements.

Ultimately, the decision is yours and should be one that works best for your lifestyle, but personally, we do not think you can go wrong with the best lions mane supplement UK being our favourite lions mane gummies!

While Lion’s Mane supplements have shown numerous potential health benefits, it is always recommended to consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new supplement regimen, especially if you are taking any long term medications, pregnant  or suffer from any medical conditions.

For most people, investing in a high-quality Lion’s Mane supplement could be a potentially valuable addition to their overall well-being.

Lions Mane Gummies

Is Lion's Mane legal in UK?

In answering if Lion's Mane is legal UK, it depends on how you are looking to obtain it. Yes, Lion's Mane is legal in UK to purchase and to even grow it yourself. However, if you spot one of these majestic looking fungi on your journeys in the wild, leave it alone as it is illegal to harvest lion's mane in the UK in the wild. So you could get yourself into some bother by doing so.

Does Lion's mane grow in UK

Yes Lion's mane grows in UK, if you are out and about on a walk, or even cave expedition in the UK you might spot on of these majestic fungi. However, leave the lion's mane growing as it is illegal to harvest Lions mane from the wild in the UK. But Lions mane mushroom can be an unforgettable sight if you are lucky enough to spot one.

Is Lion's mane worth it?

To answer is lion's mane worth it, it is best to think about your realistic expectations you are looking to get from supplementing with lions mane mushroom. If you are expecting a miracle boost to your intellect, you might be disappointed. But if you are looking for a stimulant free way to support focus it might be the best supplement for you.

What to look for in lion's mane supplement?

What to look for in a lion's mane supplement: 1. A supplement easy, and convenient to take on the go and when needed. 2. Fruiting bodies as these are the best part of the lion's mane mushroom. 3. A Brand that publishes its lab reports and has positive reviews. 4. Other ingredients that can support the lion's mane helping give a boost.

DISCLAIMER: All posts are written for general informational and educational purposes and do not replace or constitute personalised and tailored professional advice for an individual's situation, context, or circumstance that can only be given by a qualified and experienced professional in the relevant subject matter field of expertise, after consultation and discussion with the individual. The information presented has been written and/or reviewed by a person with relevant knowledge, experience, or education in the respective topical area and has been researched and fact-checked to the best of their ability with the information available to them at the time. The information published is accurate to the best of our knowledge, ability, and reliability from the sources used at the time of publication or at the date of the last stated review. Sources used when quoting or referencing statements, statistics, facts, research, studies, or claims are linked within the related text. The information provided does not constitute medical or legal advice, and no mentioned topic, product, ingredient, or so forth is stated to or intended to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent any illness, disease, or medical condition. Seek professional medical advice prior to changes to your diet or lifestyle, and if you take regular medication, have a health condition, are pregnant, breastfeeding, or trying to conceive.  Full Disclaimer.

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Last updated APRIL 2024 PROFESSIONAL DISCLAIMER The health, legal, and fitness information provided has been written by authors who have experience, subject matter knowledge, and/or education and/or qualifications that are relevant to the subject matter. It has been thoroughly researched prior to publication, and sources used to support a statement, quote, statistic. study, or claim are linked within the text for ease of referencing and user experience. The date of the last review of the content is displayed at the top of the post. However, due to the fast paced nature of research, scientific discoveries, and changes in law, this may cause some information to become inaccurate between reviews, which happen no more than every 6 months per article we publish. Due to this, the information is, to the best of our knowledge and ability, correct within reason at the time of publication and from the last review date. For that reason, the published content is for general informational and educational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional advice. Please seek the advice of a professional in the subject matter field, be it a healthcare professional, a legal professional, and so forth. A trained professional, can give personalised, localised, and specific advice and information tailored for each individual and their situation. TESTIMONIALS DISCLAIMER The Site contains testimonials by customers and users of our products. These testimonials reflect the real-life experiences and opinions of such customers and users. However, the experiences are personal to those particular users, and may not necessarily be representative of all users of our products. We do not claim, and you should not assume, that all users or purchasers will have the same experiences. The testimonials on the site are submitted in various forms, such as text, audio, and/or video, and are reviewed by us before being posted. to verify the reviewer has actually purchased the product they are reviewing previously, and that the language used and content submitted is relevant to the product and suitable for our site visitors, e.g. does not contain profanity, etc. Additionally, we check to ensure no personal information is shared in the content submitted as a product or store review before approving its publishing on our site. Reviews and testimonials appear on the Site verbatim, as given by the users, except for the correction of grammar or typing errors. We are unable to edit reviews that have been submitted to ensure they remain authentic and truthful. Some testimonials found on our site may have been shortened, but they are not displayed out of context, and the displayed content has not been changed or altered from the reviewer's full submission. Reviews marked as verified have been automatically verified using the information submitted by the reviewer against our ordering system to ensure they have purchased the reviewed product from our site previously. The views and opinions contained in the testimonials belong solely to the individual user and do not reflect our views and opinions. We are not affiliated with users who provide testimonials, and users are not paid or otherwise compensated for their testimonials. Even though many businesses incentivize their customers with personal gain via discounts or coupon rewards, to leave reviews, we DO NOT, we want to ensure we run a transparent, trustworthy, honest, business with integrity. The testimonials on the Site are not intended, nor should they be construed, as claims that our products and/or services can be used to diagnose, treat, mitigate, cure, prevent, or otherwise be used for any disease or medical condition. No testimonials have been clinically proven or evaluated. PRESS, JOURNALIST, OR INFLUENCER QUOTES OR REVIEWS All quotes on our site from publications, journalists, celebrities, or influencers are quoted verbatim. Due to the nature of articles and publications being lengthy, quotes may be taken from larger sections of text, which would be unrealistic to show in their entirety. The publication, and author being quoted will appear with the quote. All quotes shared on our site are real, and have not been purchased, they come from legitimate PR related activity without commercial incentive. All quotes are the author's opinion and experience, not our own. This includes any awards we have received, as they have been awarded by an independent panel based on their opinion and experience and should not be taken as any claim being made for the effectiveness or use of our products. Results, effectiveness, and overall benefit are subjective, and personal to each user.
DISCLAIMER Last updated February 2024 WEBSITE DISCLAIMER The information provided by The London Dispensary ('we', 'us', or 'our') on https://thelondondispensary.com (the 'Site') is for general informational purposes only. All information on the Site is provided in good faith, however we make no representation or warranty of any kind, express or implied, regarding the accuracy, adequacy, validity, reliability, availability, or completeness of any information on the Site. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE SHALL WE HAVE ANY LIABILITY TO YOU FOR ANY LOSS OR DAMAGE OF ANY KIND INCURRED AS A RESULT OF THE USE OF THE SITE OR RELIANCE ON ANY INFORMATION PROVIDED ON THE SITE. YOUR USE OF THE SITE AND YOUR RELIANCE ON ANY INFORMATION ON THE SITE IS SOLELY AT YOUR OWN RISK. EXTERNAL LINKS DISCLAIMER The Site may contain (or you may be sent through the Site) links to other websites or content belonging to or originating from third parties or links to websites and features in banners or other advertising. Such external links are not investigated, monitored, or checked for accuracy, adequacy, validity, reliability, availability, or completeness by us. WE DO NOT WARRANT, ENDORSE, GUARANTEE, OR ASSUME RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE ACCURACY OR RELIABILITY OF ANY INFORMATION OFFERED BY THIRD-PARTY WEBSITES LINKED THROUGH THE SITE OR ANY WEBSITE OR FEATURE LINKED IN ANY BANNER OR OTHER ADVERTISING. WE WILL NOT BE A PARTY TO OR IN ANY WAY BE RESPONSIBLE FOR MONITORING ANY TRANSACTION BETWEEN YOU AND THIRD-PARTY PROVIDERS OF PRODUCTS OR SERVICES. PROFESSIONAL DISCLAIMER The health, legal, fitness information is provided for general informational and educational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional advice. Accordingly, before taking any actions based upon such information, we encourage you to consult with the appropriate professionals.THE USE OR RELIANCE OF ANY INFORMATION CONTAINED ON THE SITE IS SOLELY AT YOUR OWN RISK. TESTIMONIALS DISCLAIMER The Site may contain testimonials by users of our products and/or services. These testimonials reflect the real-life experiences and opinions of such users. However, the experiences are personal to those particular users, and may not necessarily be representative of all users of our products and/or services. We do not claim, and you should not assume, that all users will have the same experiences. YOUR INDIVIDUAL RESULTS MAY VARY. The testimonials on the Site are submitted in various forms such as text, audio and/or video, and are reviewed by us before being posted. They appear on the Site verbatim as given by the users, except for the correction of grammar or typing errors. Some testimonials may have been shortened for the sake of brevity where the full testimonial contained extraneous information not relevant to the general public. The views and opinions contained in the testimonials belong solely to the individual user and do not reflect our views and opinions. We are not affiliated with users who provide testimonials, and users are not paid or otherwise compensated for their testimonials. The testimonials on the Site are not intended, nor should they be construed, as claims that our products and/or services can be used to diagnose, treat, mitigate, cure, prevent, or otherwise be used for any disease or medical condition. No testimonials have been clinically proven or evaluated.

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