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Very good

I love the smell of this and it seems to have some effect without needing to consume the CBD!

Hi Sarah,

Thank you so much for your review. We are pleased you love the smell and that you feel an effect from your CBD candle.

All the best
The London Dispensary Team

Lovely CBD candle

I bought the candle as a birthday gift and it was very well received as well as the free CBD gummy bears!! Thank you

Hi Katie,

Thank you for your review, that is great to hear about your recent purchase of the grounding CBD candle. Also glad you liked our mini gummy sampler tucked in the box for you to try too!

All the best,
The London Dispensary Team

Gently relaxing when I need it most

I decided to try these drops in the evening around an hour before I go to bed, as this is the time I often run around the house trying to do a million things (which is not very relaxing at 10pm!). They worked a treat! Really great if you struggle to wind down like I do at night.

Hi Naomi,
Thank you for taking the time to review your Adaptogen Infused CBD Oral Drops. Its great that you found them of benefit in your winding down routine.

The London Dispensary Team

Incredible cream really helped my sore foot

I have tried numerous creams and gels for my arthritis foot, and I have to say this was a winner on so many levels. It texture and light, natural fragrance was beautiful but most importantly, I use it before bed (and in the morning) and after 10 days or so I found it reduced pain so I could sleep better. Amazing! I will be using it long term now.

Hi Naomi,
Thank you so much for your review of our High Strength CBD Cream 1000mg. We are very pleased that you found benefit using it.

The London Dispensary Team

Wonderful gummies, great customer service!

Bought these gummies- new year new start- so glad I did!
They really help to give the extra kick needed to get out for a run, or stop procrastinating and crack on with work projects.
Taste lovely - like a treat and they’ve enabled me to drop the extra afternoon coffee but still get the same affect- without sleep being affected.
Customer service is also fab! Reached out to Jack over some payment delays on website and he came back personally and sorted everything right out!
Fab company, fab idea to make gummies- does what it says on the tin. Also- nicely packaged, quick arrival. There’s an emerging market on these sorts of things and I genuinely encourage a bit of research. Also love that they’re UK based.
Expensive, but- always a few deals on allowing you to try out and see for yourself. Worth it for the top quality ingredients too!

Hi Esther,
Thank you so much for your review. We are very pleased to hear you feel the benefit of your Nootropic packed CBD Gummies. Also, that you had such a positive experience shopping with us. It looks like you have kicked your 2023 off in a great way.
Enjoy your gummies,
The London Dispensary Team

P.s. the pictures look fab. 5 trees are being planted in Tanzania to say thank you and you can see their progress via the following link to our TLD forest:

Happy customer

Great taste, does what it says on the tin! I take a few drops before the gym

Hi Fenella, thank you for your review. We are so pleased you are seeting the benefit of your Nootropic infused CBD drops by them providing you a boost before the gym. Happy workouts!!

I’m sleeping!! Yay

I’ve tried so many candles and CBD and not had much luck with it getting me the sleep I need. This bedtime ritual makes me feel calm, peaceful and able to get deep sleep for me to feel good the next day. Affordable for the quality too. Thank you!

Such a cosy candle

I love this product! It smells amazing and creates such a cosy atmosphere - I count don the hours til it gets dark and I can light it - perfect for cosy winter evenings. Also makes me feel very relaxed and centred. And packaging looks fab too - already ordering another as have almost finished it

These actually work and taste great

I consider myself a bit of a CBD aficionado and have tried many gummies and oils over the years. Some are really disappointing - you hardly notice the different either because they are poor quality of poor strength. These on the other hand really give a noticeable effect - of calm and relaxation - but also you feel more focused because of the adaptogens. I take these when I go to the gym and need an extra push and to clear my mind of negative chatter. Also take them on a long car journey to make driving less stressful!

The best I have used

The texture and the taste of this lip balm is incredible. Really nice to hear that it has all natural oils in it and nothing nasty like other lip balms. Also lasts for ages once applied and CBD makes it very soothing for the skin.

Lovely smell texture and great for stiff joints

This smells delicious and I use after the gym to make sure I don't get pain. Really nice to use in the winter as a post-gym treat

Great energy boost

Tasty and did what it said on the tin

Hi Lynne,

Thank you so much for taking the time to review your recent order. We are so pleased to hear you found benefit from our CBD Gummies and found the little bears tasty!

We will be planting a tree for each of your reviews!
The London Dispensary

Great service

Great service, beautifully wrapped and informative

Bed Drops

I’ve been struggling to sleep, used the10% bed oral drops from The London Dispensary, slept like a baby. Definitely recommend

So calming and relaxing

I got this adaptogen CBD oil, and the boost one also. This blend did just a good job at relaxing me even when at my most stressed looking after the kids after school. I am definitely converted to both the oils I have tried so far. Such a huge difference in quality of these oils compared to the standard high street versions, which never had much of an effect on me, unlike these calming drops which you can feel relaxing you almost instantly.

Really felt the benefit

I have tried many of the high street brands for CBD oil, and no wonder I can feel such a difference between the other brands and the London Dispensary. After having a good read its clear than the broad spectrum and high dose of CBD is so much more effective than the others I had tried. Nice natural taste. Can't go wrong!

Also love the packaging and the unboxing when it arrives, so carefully thought about.

CBD Gummies

I got a sampler pack of these with my first order from the London Dispensary. They were really tasty and seemed to really help me focus. So I came back and picked up 2 of the tins. I would say they should keep me going a little while, but they are so tasty its hard to not keep snacking on them, which isn't too bad seeing as they plant based, vegan gummies, and only 10 calories per 2. I'm sure I will be back again.

Packaged with care and consideration

You can tell that alot of care and thought went into the packaging of the products. Its the attention to the finer details that made me say"wow" when I opened the box....from the personalised note to the thank you card. Would definitely buy again esp as a gift

Best so far

Its hard to enjoy life when you are plagued by pain. Its hard to get quality sleep when pain keeps waking you up. Its hard to be grateful when your brain is clouded by medication to keep the pain at bay. Have tried the High Street brands with little effect. The first night using these drops gave me 5 hours uninterrupted sleep( a first in months). Woke up actually feeling like I've slept! Would I recommend these- definitely!!!!

Aromatherapy CBD Candles - Trio
The best CBD candles

Loved all 3 scents! Best aromatherapy candles I've found. Slumber really helps me get relaxed at night. Grounding is great during the day to keep me focussed and breathe is very refreshing. I will be buying these again!!

CBD Sleep travel buddy

I travel a lot around the U.K. for work, and this is a must have for me now. I put it on my wrists and temples before bed and it really helps me relax while trying to sleep away from home. Perfect for the constant troubled to sleep traveller.

Yummy Gummies

These gummy bears are easily the best CBD edibles I have tried. They have an incredible amount of CBD in them and the bonus of the nootropics I could really feel. If I have an afternoon dip at work, these are my new go to. I only need 1 or 2 gummies before I can feel them working. Definitely my new favs.


This Candle is just so refreshing. It smells so nice and relaxing I cannot get enough of it. It also seems to burn for ages. I feel it really cleanses the house.

I finally found it

I've been looking for a lip balm that is hydrating enough to get me through the winter months. I have tried so many and this is the only product that works for me. The consistency is AMAZING, the amount of product goes a long way and it is such good value for money. Will 100% be repurchasing!!!

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