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How much CBD to take isn’t a straight forward answer, as CBD is a personal experience and depends on many variables such as weight, height, metabolism, reason for taking CBD, hydration, when you last ate, time of the day etc.

Bearing that in mind here is what we recommend and a key points to remember:

  • Start low and build up
  • Keep a mood/effect diary – track  before taking and 30minutes after, this will help you find your sweet CBD spot
  • All of our CBD oils are broad-spectrum giving you a entourage effect without any THC
  • Our oils are infused with natural goodness to support CBD, making it highly effective
  • Current science shows that effective dosages are likely higher than many products state
  • 40-50mg per dose is the ideal for sleep for example
  •  Do not consume more than 70mg per day, this is the FSAs guidelines

Using the latest science and our extensive knowledge we recommend the following per oil:

boost doage
CBD sleep
Additional Information

Our additional nootropic and adaptogen blended ingredients have been developed to complement our broad-spectrum CBD using science backed recommended ratios. This is to help optimise your wellness. We recommend to not supplement additionally with any of our ingredients when taking our oils, to ensure the benefits stay optimal for you.

You can split your dosage up throughout the day.

There are approximately 200 drops of oil per 10ml and 600 drops of oil per 30ml.

All of our wellness supporting natural oil blends come with a glass pipette with ml markings etched into them, and internal pipette ‘wipers’ to ensure not a single drop gets wasted as you remove the pipette.

Notes for dosing CBD and administering CBD (the legal bits)

Important Advice: Even with a wealth of CBD studies that have found that far higher dosages increase effectiveness for some uses. As well as minimal or no adverse effects being seen in dosages of up to 1500mg a day. We do not advice or encourage taking these large doses and advise you stay following the current limited FSA guidance that recommends taking no more than 70mg of CBD per day for every adult irrespective of the large variations in reasons for taking CBD seen in the population. We will update our recommendations as regulators start to keep pace with the available science in the future.

Our products strictly follow the FSA guidance that they should only be taken by those over 18 years of age and classified as legal adults.

Our products are sold as dietary supplements and are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any illnesses or diseases. Like every CBD product on the market, usage of our products are based on anecdotal feedback and studies which have not been verified by the MHRA or FDA. It does not constitute a medication. We recommend you conduct your own balanced research from impartial sources before taking any CBD based products to ensure they are right for you.

Adverse effects are very rare and generally mild if experienced at all, however if they do occur while taking CBD or any other ingredient stop use and seek medical advise if they persist.

How to Take CBD Oil

The most effect method is sublingually (under your tongue), it gets to work quicker and bioavailability is highest

Shake well

01. Shake well 

[we do not use any chemical binders (to keep our oils 100% natural) so it is normal to see some particles in the oil]

02. Measure desired amount with included pipette

Measure dosage
Taking CBD

03. Place desired amount under the tongue

04. Wait 30-60 seconds without swallowing 

Swallow CBD

05. Swallow excess remaining 


Boost your day the natural way.


Balance your mind, body and soul.


Carefully crafted to enhance sleep.

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