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10% CBD Sleep Drops w/ Terpenes & L-theanine

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Editors Choice for CBD Sleep Drops – UK Beauty Shortlist Awards 2023. Cool Spearmint Flavour. An effective 10% broad-spectrum CBD blend amplified in effectiveness by sleep terpenes & botanicals, & aided by l-theanine. Have the Sleep of your Dreams.

  • Natural Sleep Support: Completely natural blended CBD oil for sleep.
  • For 30 or 60 Nights:  Select from two sizes, either 30 or 60 nights of optimum 50mg of broad-spectrum CBD per dose.
  • Sleep Terpenes Power: The magic of terpenes powers up our CBD Sleep Drops, UK’s most potent natural sleep aid.
  • Blended for Effectiveness: L-theanine, lavender & chamomile botanical oils all play an important role in helping you drift off to sleep and stay asleep. 
  • Zero Grog: Unlike a sedative chemical alternative, or some natural sleep supplements, our CBD sleep drops leave you alive and revived, with zero morning grog.
  • Cost Effective: Great value for money when compared to OTO sleep drops and Dreem Distillery
  • Vegan Sleep: Fully plant based natural sleep support.
  • 5* Reviews: Don’t take our word for it, see the reviews for our sleep drops.
  • Lab Tested: We take sleep seriously, so we independently test each batch and publish the results for everyone to see.

From  £49.00

Oto Cbd Sleep Drops
Cbd Sleep Drops
Oto Sleep Drops
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Oto Cbd Sleep Drops
Oto Sleep Drops

Now, our award-winning CBD Sleep Drops come in 2 sizes. 15ml for a month of restful slumber and 30ml for 2 months of blissful bedtime. Our CBD Sleep Drops contain a generous and scientifically backed amount of broad-spectrum CBD to induce the sleep you have dreamt of.. As well as being packed full of sleep terpenes, which are naturally derived from plants to aid the effectiveness of our CBD sleep oil. UK-made and manufactured to the highest standards.

Also containing l-theanine, which is found to aid with sleep and reductions in anxiety. Lastly, we added sleep-supporting botanicals lavender and chamomile oils. CBD before bed has been shown to support sleep greatly. Try our natural, premium-quality CBD Sleep oil. Have a sleep you have dreamed of, and wake up with zero grog.

Create an evening ritual by pairing our sleep oil with our aromatherapy pillow mist or our Slumber candle, which are also available in a gift set.

Our CBD Sleep Drops are naturally flavoured with spearmint to make sure you don’t lose your freshness when you take your CBD before bed.

Fully laboratory tested, including the sleep terpene profile. Allowing you peace of mind.

Ingredient List

MCT, Broad Spectrum CBD, l-theanine, olive oil, lavender, chamomile, sleep terpenes, flavour: spearmint Limonene, Linalool

(Seriously no hidden chemicals or nasties!)


Read the packaging and safety label fully before use.

This product is to be taken as a supplement, along with a balanced and active lifestyle.

Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. For external and adult use only.

Do not take while pregnant or brestfeeding.

Consult a doctors advice if you are taking regular medication.

This product is not sold to treat, prevent, or cure any medical illness or condition. 

Please recycle or reuse all of the packaging and vessel parts. The vessel is glass; the paper label does not have to be removed. The lid is aluminium. The packaging paper, the inks and adhesive have been selected as they break down in the recycling process.

When to Use

Take the desired amount 15-20 minutes before bed to enjoy a naturally aided sleep.

How to Use

Use the pipette to measure the desired amount place it under the tongue and hold for 1 minute or so, before swallowing the excess. Dosing guide is found here.

Detailed Product Information
Weight 180 g
Dimensions 35 × 35 × 105 mm

The London Dispensary


30 nights – 15ml, 60 nights – 30ml

CBD Content

1,500mg, 3,000mg





Laboratory Reports

Laboratory reports from ISO-accredited third-party laboratories can be found on our report page.

Product Reviews


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CBD Sleep Drops Information

Sleep Terpenes

Our unique CBD Sleep Drops are blended with sleep terpenes, which are responsible for the aromas in herbs and plants. But they have been found to work in an entourage way with hemp derived CBD and other cannabinoids, to increase their effectiveness. With the latest research into terpenes we have formulated our sleep terpene profile to aid our broad-spectrum CBD, to ensure its maximum effectiveness.

Visit our lab report page to see the exact sleep terpene composition.


We have also added the well researched and support l-theanine, UK wide l-theanine has become more popular in the past few years due to its ability to calm, and relax. Also noted by some to reduce stress. Which made it a no brainer for inclusion into our sleep oil.


Finally a little sprinkle of lavender and chamomile oil to increase the natural terpene profile. CBD before bed with our additional sleep aids are the perfect combination.

Pillow Spray For Sleep
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How do these compare to OTO Sleep Drops?


OTO sleep drops come in only a 15ml 30 night version. Without sleep terpenes, l-theanine or broad-spectrum CBD. As they use the lesser effective CBD Isolate. OTO sleep drops RRP is £69 making our sleep drops almost 40% more cost effective. 

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How do these compare to Dreem Distillery Sleep Drops?


Compared to Dreem Distillery our sleep drops contain more CBD content, and l-theanine. Dreem Distillery RRP £160 for 30ml, making our Sleep drops 60% more cost effective! 

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What are sleep drops?


Sleep drops are a blend of plant ingredients that naturally help you fall asleep and stay asleep. CBD sleep drops contain cannabinol from the hemp plant which is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid known for its ability to aid sleep.

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Are Sleep drops safe?


Our sleep drops are safe for consumption, they are fully plant based. But like with any new supplement if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or taking regular medication please consult a healthcare professional prior to using them.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Christina (England, United Kingdom)
What a relief!

The sleep drops were recommended to me for trouble sleeping due to arthritic pain. Not only has my sleep improved, the pain relief has been outstanding. I wake feeling refreshed and the pain relief continues throughout the day. Would highly recommend

Hi Christina, we are so pleased to hear how much relief the CBD Sleep Drops have been able to bring you. As well as the CBD helping with a refreshing wake up, without you having to worry about any groggy after effects! Thank you for sharing your experience with the product, The London Dispensary Team

Donna (Scotland, United Kingdom)
Repeat purchase - this stuff works!

This is helping me get to sleep and stay asleep. Highly recommend.

Hi Donna, thank you for taking the time to leave a review of your CBD Sleep Drops, and for your repeat purchase! Great to hear they are helping you achieve better sleep. All the best, The London Dispensary Team

Donna D. (Scotland, United Kingdom)
This stuff works!

I bought this after using the gummies for a month but wanted to try something aimed at helping with sleep as that’s what I was struggling with. I’m recovering from burnout and my sleep has been very sketchy but this is helping me get to sleep and stay asleep. I’d love to see them in a gummy form as I find them easier to take but if you’re struggling with sleep, definitely give this a try.

Hi Donna,
Thank you for your review. I'm sorry to hear you have been struggling recently with burnout. It is great to learn you are recovering and the Sleep Drops have been really effective for you to get your circadian rhythm back; that is what we like to hear!

We couldn't possibly confirm or deny that we have started to look at the formulation of a sleep support edible! But if we were at work on one, the higher CBD level needed for sleep would be the tricky part; we might end up having to go a capsule route. But the science bods are hard at work!

All the best,
The London Dispensary Team

Ayva (England, United Kingdom)
Best for sleep

I’ve been having problems with my sleep for a long time and I’ve tried many products,, other CBD brands without any effect or a temporary fix.
I can honesty say this CBD works for me. I fall asleep and stay asleep all night. I am impressed and very happy that I finally found something that works. Thank you!

Hi Ayva,
Amazing to hear! It's definitely that terpene power giving the broad-spectrum CBD a kick.

Thank you for your review,
The London Dispensary Team

Philip B. (England, United Kingdom)
Helping me to fall asleep and stay asleep longer!

I recently tried these CBD sleep drops and I must say, I have been very pleasantly surprised. The natural minty flavour is pleasant and the drops themselves are very easy to take. What really stood out for me is how effective the drops are in helping me get a good night's sleep.

After taking the drops, I find myself able to fall asleep faster and stay asleep more deeply. This has made a huge difference to my quality of sleep! I now take the drops when I know I need a good sleep or when I have been having issues sleeping the night before.

Overall, the sleep drops have proven to be an excellent natural sleep aid for me. Highly recommended if you're struggling with getting enough restful sleep at night!

Hi Philip,
Thank you for sharing your positive experience with our CBD sleep drops! We're thrilled to hear that they've been effective in improving your sleep quality. It's wonderful to hear how our product has made a difference for you. We hope that they continue to enhance your rest and overall well-being! Keep us updated on your journey,
The London Dispensary Team

Annie (Andalusia, Spain)
Bed Drops

I’ve been struggling to sleep, used the10% bed oral drops from The London Dispensary, slept like a baby. Definitely recommend

LC (England, United Kingdom)
Best so far

Its hard to enjoy life when you are plagued by pain. Its hard to get quality sleep when pain keeps waking you up. Its hard to be grateful when your brain is clouded by medication to keep the pain at bay. Have tried the High Street brands with little effect. The first night using these drops gave me 5 hours uninterrupted sleep( a first in months). Woke up actually feeling like I've slept! Would I recommend these- definitely!!!!