High Strength CBD Gummies w/ Lion’s mane, Ginseng, Chaga

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  • Bursting with natural nootropic ingredients; Chaga Mushroom, Ginseng, Lion’s mane mushroom UK
  • Multi-award winning, including BEST CBD gummies, & BEST Supplement for Memory
  • A whopping 33mg broad-spectrum CBD per bear.
  • Infused Ginseng for clarity and focus
  • Added Lion’s mane mushroom uk for the mind
  • Blended with Chaga mushroom for the body
  • Plant based, vegan friendly, organic CBD, non-GMO ingredients, GMP certified.
  • 2 a day. 60 gummies equalling 200g per tin. 2000mg CBD total.


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Lion's mane mushroom UK

Plant Based

Lions mane gummies UK


CBD edibles UK. lions mane gummies, nootropics London

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High Strength CBD Gummies

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pre-workout gummies


  • A huge 33mg broad-spectrum CBD per nootropics infused gummy. With 60 fruity gummies in each recyclable tin. That is a whole month's supply!
  • A natural, tasty, and convenient way that may support the fight against; inflammation (Chaga Mushroom), brain fog and stress (Lion's Mane Mushroom uk), improved concentration/memory (Ginseng) and so much more!
  • The perfect pre-workout gummies. Some say with the ability to get you focused, reduce oxidative stress, and to help you perform at your best.
  • Suitable for vegan gummies contain what are widely considered to be natural energy regulating and cognitive boosting functional mushrooms with added ginseng and broad-spectrum CBD.

Our CBD vegan Gummies with added nootropics are packed full of free radical scavenging antioxidants, 5 times more than acai or turmeric contain, these highly celebrated scavengers, research tells us, fight off damaging and sometimes life threating foreign or mutated cells in our bodies, which helps us to stay in tip top condition.

The bioavailability of our infused nootropics of choice is incredibly high, and they don't need to build up in your body overtime before you feel any possible effective benefits. Like with most wellness additions consistency is key, which makes this convenient and easy way to take your supplementation a great solution for every busy life.

At The London Dispensary we pride ourselves on only using the highest quality, science supported, and ethically sourced ingredients in our products. As well as, our sustainability credentials being untouchable. So you can feel good knowing your new purchase leaves zero impact on the planet.



High Strength, Highly Potent CBD Gummy Bears

These gummies really will show you a maximised effect once consumed and making their way through the digestive system to the endocannabinoid system, they will boost your day being packed full of natural goodies.

Nootropics (find out more about them here) are naturally occurring supreme super foods that could help boost cognitive functioning, they have traditionally been used in eastern medicine for as long as records can tell us. We have made it simple, and easy to gain a maximum effect from these super strength hemp derived vegan gummies.

CBD Gummies are still the most popular CBD edibles category around. But none are as packed full of helpful natural goodness as these little bears.









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At The London Dispensary we make sure our range of CBD products are as good for you as they are for the environment.

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Lion's Mane Mushroom

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Lion’s Mane Mushroom UK

A very unique nootropic mushroom in appearance. They contain bioactive substances that could have beneficial effects on the body, especially the brain, heart, and gut. The Lion’s Mane mushroom, UK type that is grown is generally in specialist environments. They are thought to have the ability to reduce oxidative stress and inflammation. If you suffer from Brain Fog these Lion’s Mane Gummies may help.


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Ginseng is a medicinal root that is traditionally used in Asian medicine. It is thought to reduce inflammation as well as it being a nootropic. It is often said to reduce physical and mental fatigue. The bit we love about ginseng, is that it does not need to build up in the body, so benefits could be noticed within 24 hours.

Chaga Mushroom

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Chaga has the worlds highest volume of antioxidants on the planet. 5 times that of popular acai and turmeric. Chaga mushroom is not just a nootropic but an adaptogen too. It is thought to improve stress, immunity, inflammation, concentration, neurotransmitters the list goes on. Almost anyone may benefit somehow from Chaga gummies.

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CBD Gummies with Nootropics: Lion’s mane UK, Chaga & Ginseng

Product Information

Ingredient List

Broad Spectrum CBD Extract, Glucose Syrup, Sugar Modified Starch, Wheat Starch, Acidifiers (Lactic Acid, Citric Acid, Malic Acid, Sodium Malate), Colouring (E100, E133, E141, E150c, E160c, E171), Colouring Foodstuff (black carrot Juice), Natural Flavouring, Glazing Agent (Carnauba Wax), Ginseng, Chaga, Lions Mane, Contains Gluten 

Contains natural E number colouring ingredients, coming from sugarcane and similar types of agriculture. 

How to take CBD Gummies
Each high strength premium CBD gummy contains approx. 33mg of broad-spectrum CBD. Consume 1 or 2 as required to bring a boost to your day. You might even wish to start with just half a gummy and build up.

Research has shown that bioavailability is increased fourfold for CBD when taken shortly after a meal containing a healthy fat content.

Read the packaging before use. Store in a cool dry location away from sunlight.  To be used as a dietary supplement and not to substitute a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

For adult use only (18+)

If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, taking any medications or under medical supervision, please consult a doctor or healthcare professional before use.

Please recycle or reuse all of the packaging and vessel parts. The vessel is tin, the paper label does not have to be removed. The lid is recycled with mixed content. The packaging paper, the inks and adhesive have been selected as they breakdown in the recycling process.

Can I take CBD Gummies on an empty stomach?

There should not be an issue taking our vegan CBD Gummies on an empty stomach. Do not consume more than the stated serving size, and drink plenty of water.

Can you take CBD Gummies on a plane?

Before taking your CBD Gummies on a plane we advise that you check the laws at your destination, including any stop over countries you might be passing through.

Where can I buy green CBD Gummies?

Like all our products, our gummies are completely ‘green’ and eco-friendly. We are the leader in eco-premium CBD and nootropic wellness products. So, you can buy green CBD Gummies right here at The London Dispensary. You might even spot a few actual green CBD gummies in each tin! Yum, sour apple!

Where can I get lions mane mushroom in the UK?

Our CBD Gummies are packed full of nootropics and adaptogens. Our Gummies are a great source of lion’s mane mushroom if you are UK based. CBD and Lions mane mushroom have loads of benefits you can read about online.

Where can I get chaga mushroom in the UK?

Just like Lion’s mane mushroom above, our CBD Gummies are a great source of chaga mushroom if you are in the UK. Mainly because The London Dispensary is UK based, we can have chaga mushroom in gummy form with all the extra natural benefits to your door super fast!

Lab Reports and Nutritional Information
Here at the London Dispensary, we take pride in our ethical practises, that’s why we make our independent third party tested lab reports available for you.  They can be found HERE.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Well I’m convinced

I was slightly sceptical before I purchased them, but after seeing the London Dispensey popping up all over the media recently and the awards these gummies have won, I have them a go. So pleased I did, after 2 months of taking 2 a day I really feel the difference in energy levels but concentration span also. Taking them mid afternoon ive found to personally get the best benefit form them.

Thank you for the review! We're glad to hear that you're pleased with the High Strength CBD Gummies, and that they're helping you feel more energetic and focused.

The London Dispensary Team

Wonderful gummies, great customer service!

Bought these gummies- new year new start- so glad I did!
They really help to give the extra kick needed to get out for a run, or stop procrastinating and crack on with work projects.
Taste lovely - like a treat and they’ve enabled me to drop the extra afternoon coffee but still get the same affect- without sleep being affected.
Customer service is also fab! Reached out to Jack over some payment delays on website and he came back personally and sorted everything right out!
Fab company, fab idea to make gummies- does what it says on the tin. Also- nicely packaged, quick arrival. There’s an emerging market on these sorts of things and I genuinely encourage a bit of research. Also love that they’re UK based.
Expensive, but- always a few deals on allowing you to try out and see for yourself. Worth it for the top quality ingredients too!

Hi Esther,
Thank you so much for your review. We are very pleased to hear you feel the benefit of your Nootropic packed CBD Gummies. Also, that you had such a positive experience shopping with us. It looks like you have kicked your 2023 off in a great way.
Enjoy your gummies,
The London Dispensary Team

P.s. the pictures look fab. 5 trees are being planted in Tanzania to say thank you and you can see their progress via the following link to our TLD forest:

These actually work and taste great

I consider myself a bit of a CBD aficionado and have tried many gummies and oils over the years. Some are really disappointing - you hardly notice the different either because they are poor quality of poor strength. These on the other hand really give a noticeable effect - of calm and relaxation - but also you feel more focused because of the adaptogens. I take these when I go to the gym and need an extra push and to clear my mind of negative chatter. Also take them on a long car journey to make driving less stressful!

Lynne g.a.g.b.o.e.
Great energy boost

Tasty and did what it said on the tin

Hi Lynne,

Thank you so much for taking the time to review your recent order. We are so pleased to hear you found benefit from our CBD Gummies and found the little bears tasty!

We will be planting a tree for each of your reviews!
The London Dispensary

CBD Gummies

I got a sampler pack of these with my first order from the London Dispensary. They were really tasty and seemed to really help me focus. So I came back and picked up 2 of the tins. I would say they should keep me going a little while, but they are so tasty its hard to not keep snacking on them, which isn't too bad seeing as they plant based, vegan gummies, and only 10 calories per 2. I'm sure I will be back again.

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