CBD Edibles & THC Edibles : Either Edibles Legal in the UK?

by | Oct 21, 2023

Last Update: April 23, 2024
Are THC and CBD edibles legal in the UK?

Edibles, a growing trend and the new buzzword in the wellness world, have been making waves in recent years with no sign of that changing in 2024 either, from the legal CBD edible most popularly found as CBD gummies to various forms of THC edibles UK buyers have been searching for in ever greater numbers online. In this confusing and evolving area of THC and CBD edibles, you can be left questioning, ‘are edibles legal UK?’ or ‘are edibles illegal?’. Well, we hope to answer the subject of edibles laws in the UK for you, as well as are ‘THC gummies legal UK?’ and many more topics for you. So keep on reading to learn more about everything in the world of edibles UK buyers need to know!

Whether we like it or not, edibles have become a popular way to consume all types of legal and illegal cannabinoids, with CBD and THC being just two of the approximately 113 known cannabinoids. We also know that these cannabinoids found in popular CBD and THC gummies work with our own internal endocannabinoid system to produce the potential benefits they bring. But with all the hype comes confusion and questions about the legality of edibles in the UK and their helpfulness. In this blog post, we will cover everything from what edibles are and their potential health benefits to the legal status of edibles in the UK and how they are regulated in other regions, such as Canada.

We’ll also share some top tips for buying legal, safe, and quality edibles in the UK and provide a comparative analysis of CBD oil and CBD edibles. So sit tight as we unravel all the information you need regarding this somewhat confusing and controversial topic!

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Understanding CBD Edibles: What are edibles?

In this comprehensive overview, we delve into the world of CBD edibles. From defining what edibles are to explaining why people prefer them, we cover it all. So, without further ado, CBD edibles are consumable products infused with hemp-derived CBD aka cannabinol, a non-psychoactive compound. That basically means it won’t make you feel spacey or ‘buzzed’ or ‘high‘, unlike its cousin cannabinoid THC, which likely will.

Many people choose CBD edibles for the potential health benefits that CBD has been linked to, such as relaxation and pain management. CBD edible products are particularly popular among those who want to avoid the risks associated with smoking or vaping marijuana or CBD flowers. Now, let’s explore the wonderful world of CBD edibles together.

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That CBD has been shown to help calm anxiety in people while public speaking? A study concluded that just with a single dose of CBD, people performed better with less anxiety than those who did the same exercise in the control group that took Clonazepam.

What are edibles? CBD Edibles, THC Gummies, & UK Laws

So, the basics: what is an edible? Well, edibles are a popular form of consuming cannabis or cannabinoids that come in various forms like THC gummies, lozenges, and baked goods such as CBD cookies or the famous ‘space brownie’. They can contain either THC or CBD or even both, offering different potential benefits. CBD and THC gummies are by far the most popular and well-known forms of edibles. With the THC brownie being an American cultural symbol for decades, it has become symbolic for THC edibles the world over.Thc Gummies Legal Uk

Most people who use edibles, consume them for their convenience and longer-lasting effects that they produce compared to some other methods of consuming CBD or THC; it’s easy and discreet to pop a few THC gummies in your mouth; it is a bit more obvious if you whip out a vape or sit trying to aim an oil dropper into your mouth, and if, like us, you fail to do it well and end up with CBD oil drops on your cheek instead. But it comes down to personal preference at the end of the day. We are all different, and we all have different preferences. The same goes for how we want to take our CBD and THC.

What are the different types of edibles? From CBD cookies to THC gummies.

As the world of cannabinoids, cannabis, and CBD continues to expand, so does the variety of CBD and THC edibles available to consumers. Depending on where you live in the world, you can find edibles with THC, edible cannabinoids, weed edibles, and edibles with CBD; the list goes on and will do for some time to come, we are sure.

Also, its clear that innovative forms of edibles are going to continue to amaze us all. From THC gummies to CBD fruit jellies, chocolates laced with THC to CBD cookies; there is no shortage of options when it comes to edible products. This wide range is due to the versatility of cannabis and cannabinoids and their various forms, allowing for creativity in the manufacturing process. While each type of edible offers its own unique experience, there is no definitive answer as to which is the best. It ultimately comes down to personal preference and desired effects.

Some edibles are specifically designed for medicinal purposes, while others are more geared towards recreational use. The taste and potency of edibles can also vary greatly depending on the ingredients used and the manufacturing process. One of the advantages of edibles is the ability to control the dose, allowing users to have a precise and consistent cannabis or CBD consumption experience. Additionally, perhaps the most prominent difference between smoking marijuana and eating edibles is the delayed onset of the effects associated with edibles.

Vaping or smoking the flower or bud, has an almost instant effect. Whereas consuming CBD or THC edibles takes anywhere from 60 minutes for the effect to be noticed, the exact time is influenced by variables such as weight, timing of the last meal, hydration levels, sensitivity to cannabinoids, and others.

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CBD Edibles

CBD edibles are food products infused with cannabidiol, a non-psychoactive compound found in cannabis. These edible products provide a convenient and discreet way to incorporate CBD into your daily routine. The most popular edible CBD types include CBD gummies, chocolates, lollipops, CBD cookies and capsules. By consuming CBD edibles, you can experience the potential benefits of CBD, such as relaxation, stress relief, and pain management. It’s important to note that CBD edibles contain no THC, the psychoactive compound found in marijuana, making them a safer and legal option in the UK.

That’s right to answer, ‘are edibles legal UK?’ The CBD edible versions are legal in the UK. If you are one of the few who has not yet tried CBD for enhanced wellness, give it a go and see for yourself.

THC Edibles

THC edibles, like the CBD versions above, are food products, but differently, they are infused with the psychoactive ingredient tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) found in cannabis. The poster child edibles with THC have to be the American-style brownies, of course. However, all edible THC products have various medicinal effects, including euphoria, relaxation, and pain relief.

However, it is important to be cautious when consuming THC edibles, such as THC gummies, as users may not feel the effects right away and end up consuming too much THC, leading to potential healthcare visits. People prefer THC edibles compared to other forms of consumption due to the ease of administering them, and when consumed for medical reasons, it can help the patient consume more calories to try to combat weight loss caused by other drug combinations they might be on that are being prescribed to treat cancer, for example. Radiation therapy can cause nausea and weight loss due to this.

Are Edibles Legal Uk?If you are under doctors’ guidance and making medicinal cannabis, follow their prescribed instructions. If you are taking recreational marijuana, it’s crucial to start with a low dose when trying THC edibles to avoid any potential adverse effects and emergency room visits. But take caution, as THC edibles, including THC gummies, are not legal in the UK and remain illegal to purchase, make, and consume unless you have a prescription from an authorised medical professional, which requires a number of stipulations to be met for an individual to be granted one.

Unlike other methods, edibles with THC take longer to kick in. It’s worth noting that THC edibles, like all cannabis products with over 1mg of THC per pack, are currently not legal in the UK, so possession can lead to legal consequences. This also means that they are largely purchased on the black market or made in people’s homes without following food safety regulations or testing. Always be careful and ensure you trust what you are consuming before you do so, especially in states like Colorado, where recreational marijuana is legal.

Cannabinoid Edibles

Cannabinoid edibles, also known as edible marijuana products, are edible cannabis products that contain a combination of THC and CBD, two compounds found in cannabis. These edibles offer a balanced experience, combining the benefits of both compounds. Basically, they give you a little buzz or spacey feeling, but the CBD helps take the edge off the high. These high THC edibles can be found in dispensaries, if legal in your country or region, and can also be made at home using THC-extracted oil or butter.

They can provide potential relief from various conditions, such as chronic pain and anxiety, for some people. According to data and studies, cannabinoid edibles have shown promising results in managing these health issues. The ratio of THC to CBD can vary in these edible products, allowing users to customise their experience based on their preferences. The legality of cannabinoid edibles varies depending on the country or region.

Cannabinoid edibles, also known as PMC, are generally the technical name given to the booming surge of cannabis cooking and restaurants that have been springing up mainly in the United States in US states that have legalised THC products. Cannabis cooking even has its own Netflix series or 2 (Cooked with Cannabis), where they show the versatility of infusing CBD and THC in edibles.

What is the obsession with Edibles?

Edibles are clearly an increasing area of interest, as search terms such as ‘THC gummies UK’ and ‘THC gummies London’ have been increasing at a trending pace on search engines in the last 12-18 months demonstrating more than a little growing curiosity about THC edibles in the UK, even though they remain strictly a controlled substance without a medical prescription that allows for the use of medical cannabis.

People love using edibles for several reasons. They provide a discreet and odour-free way to consume cannabis. Edibles also offer a longer-lasting and more intense experience compared to other methods of consuming CBD or THC. Precise dosing and consistent effects are possible with edibles, and the variety of flavours makes them appealing to a wide range of consumers. Plus, eating a high-fat meal before consuming edibles can help prolong their effects.

It’s far easier and faster to pop a few THC gummies in your mouth than to sit trying to aim a dropper above your opened mouth, hoping you have your aim right!

Are Edibles Legal Uk

Potential Health Benefits: From Relaxation to Pain Management

When it comes to weed edibles, they offer more than just recreational use nowadays. Many users find them helpful for relaxation and stress relief, and some doctors are even prescribing them as a real method for helping some patients. Even in the UK, a prescription can be obtained from a healthcare professional to legally receive medical marijuana. CBD edibles are commonly used by some who have found benefit from CBD for pain management and reducing inflammation, as we now know that the endocannabinoid system is linked to our central nervous system, and they share a unique synergy between them. The slow-release effects of edibles can provide long-lasting effects, especially when taken with a high-fat meal, to help the CBD metabolism improve. But if you are on regular medication, you should consult a doctor prior to starting anything new to help treat a pre-existing condition.

CBD Edibles vs. CBD Oil: Which is Right for You? (UK Guide)

When it comes to CBD consumption, two popular options are CBD edibles and CBD oil. Edibles offer a convenient, tasty, and enjoyable way to consume CBD, making them a preferred choice for many. Both options also provide a discreet way for those who prefer not to use oil droppers. However, it’s important to note that the effects of CBD edibles may take longer to kick in compared to CBD oil. This is due to what is called the first-pass effect in toxicology. When deciding between CBD edibles and oil, consider your personal preferences and desired effects. Ultimately, it’s about finding what works best for you.

It’s worth noting that with CBD edibles, you have the first-pass effect on consumption, which in toxicology refers to the first time the compound passes via the liver to be broken down. This has an effect on cannabinoids and means your body breaks down more of the compound before it can enter your bloodstream, compared to sublingually administering via a CBD oil dropper.

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Are Edibles Legal UK?

The legal status of edibles in the UK is constantly evolving. It’s important to understand the current laws surrounding the sale and use of edibles. In short, THC edibles are not currently legal in the UK. There are some caveats to this; however, if you have a medical cannabis prescription and receive cannabis for medicinal reasons via this route, you can make THC edibles, in the form of gummies or cookies for example, for yourself at home and consume them legally. However, that is still a small minority of individuals with the ability to do that. CBD edibles that contain under 1mg of THC per pack are legal to consume and purchase in the UK.

Additionally, CBD edibles fall under the Novel Food Regulations, which are maintained by the Food Standards Agency.

Understanding the UK’s Cannabis Laws

The legal landscape surrounding cannabis in the UK is complex and ever-changing. On top of the legal side of this, there are also regulators such as the Food Standard Authority (FSA) that are setting legal upper limits and, more confusingly and unclearly, different guidance limits, which is only creating more confusion for consumers.

In most cases, the possession and cultivation of cannabis are illegal. However, you fall into a grey area if you have a private prescription for medical cannabis. The Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 outlines the classification of drugs in the UK, with cannabis being classified as a Class B drug. However, again, there are now grey areas regarding this as you can get medical cannabis via a private prescription, and more recently, the courts ruled CBD flower not to be seen as a narcotic.

Due to how convoluted this area has now become and the multiple court cases currently happening, there have been calls for the need for a clear legal framework for the industry as a whole. When it’s left unclear in the law, it opens up loopholes for criminals to exploit, and business owners who want to follow the law are left confused as to how they do that.

Want more information on UK CBD and CBD OIL LAWS & REGULATIONS? We have a dedicated blog on the topic.


The Status of CBD Edibles UK Law – Are CBD Edibles Legal UK?

CBD edibles have gained popularity in the UK since the change to remove CBD from being defined as a narcotic. CBD gummies are still one of the top searches for CBD terms on Google for the category as a whole. CBD edibles that contain less than 1mg of THC per pack are legal to purchase and consume in the UK.Cbd Gummies Without Thc

There has been much confusion caused by contradictory advice and guidance offered by UK regulators, but the law has remained the same: all CBD products, including CBD gummies, are legal in the UK as long as they contain under 1mg of THC overall. Using a broad-spectrum CBD, which has all of the cannabinoids but most of the THC removed so that it cannot even be detected as the amount is so low, is a good way to ensure you stay below the legal limit. Additionally, making sure you purchase from reputable brands with lab reports to show on the website is another good idea to check before purchasing.

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It is a misconception regarding the 0.2% THC limit being applied to CBD products in the UK; this is actually in reference to the cultivation of cannabis. The legal THC limit in the UK for THC edibles and CBD edibles alike is actually still governed by the Misuse of Drugs Regulations 2001. CBD products are an exempt category, but it still only allows for no more than 1mg of THC per ‘pack’.

Are THC edibles legal in the UK? Understand the law

With the ever increasing frequency of searches for phrases like ‘THC gummies London’ and ‘THC edibles UK’ it could be concluded that their is still a common misconception about the legality of THC edibles in the UK. So, let’s clarify, as we hear you screaming already, ‘are THC edibles legal in UK?’. Well, ok, let’s get into it and finally answer that very important question for you.

In the United Kingdom, tetrahydrocannabinol (the psychoactive cannabinoid found in Cannabis Sativa) edibles, aka THC edibles, are not legally available for recreational use, as THC is a controlled substance. So sadly for many cannabis enthusiasts in the British Isles, THC edibles are not legal here yet for non-medical uses.

Cannabis as a whole is illegal to be in procession without a private prescription from a registered specialist doctor. When referring to cannabis products, it is generally fair to assume it is in reference to cannabis products that contain over the 1mg per pack legal limit, anything over that, and it’s in the illegal THC category.

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The use of THC in all forms, including THC gummies and THC edibles for medical purposes, is tightly controlled and regulated and requires a medical prescription. It’s important to understand that possession or distribution of THC edibles can lead to criminal charges in the UK. Therefore, it is crucial to be aware of the legal implications surrounding THC edible use and to exercise caution when it comes to all things to do with them! Don’t find yourself caught out.

There are still safety concerns regarding THC edibles, as unfamiliarity with edible dosing and difficulties in dividing edibles are common reasons for inaccurate dosage estimations, which have led to unintentional overdoses in humans previously. Most notably, a 19-year-old in Colorado consumed six times the guideline dose of a THC cookie and sadly had a fatal fall from a high-rise domestic building. This incident prompted a review of edible packaging and a change in the law regarding the maximum limit of THC allowed per edible in the US state.

Are THC Gummies Legal UK?

Although one of the most popular THC products, THC gummies UK fall into the wider category of THC edibles. In theory, any gummy with traceable amounts of THC in them could be considered THC gummies, but generally, we refer to any product containing over 1mg of THC per pack, which is the UK legal limit of THC, as falling into the category of being THC gummies. Given this, the above applies to this form of edibles as well. So to answer, are ‘THC gummies legal UK?’ the answer is no, THC gummies are not legal to buy, sell, make, or be in possession of. The slight caveat to this is that if a person has a private medical cannabis prescription, they could bake THC gummies on their own and consume them within the law.

How are Edibles Regulated in Other Regions?

Edibles regulations vary across countries and regions, including in the United States, where four states (Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington) have legalized recreational use. Some places fully legalize and regulate edibles for both recreational and medical use, while others impose strict restrictions or total bans. Understanding regulations in other regions provides insights into potential developments in the UK. Learning from their experiences can shape the future of THC edibles and marijuana use across the British Isles.

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2024, What is our prediction for the legal status of edibles in the UK and what is the future of edibles in the UK?

As we transition into 2024, the legal status of edibles in the UK will almost certainly evolve in some way over the coming years. As the rise in search trend for terms such as ‘THC gummies London’ shows a clear and ever increasing interest in edibles UK law makers won’t be able to ignore forever. But at the moment, all European eyes are currently on Germany in 2024 after recent voting from the parliament based in Berlin took steps forward to decriminalise cannabis. Portugal is also taking steps in the same direction. However, looking at other regions, such as the United States, where states like Oregon have legalised recreational marijuana, it is clear that the regulation of edibles varies greatly. How quickly and how far countries are willing to go is still yet to be fully realised and seen.

Holland is currently reviewing what legal changes would need to be made and the possible effect of those changes to finally write into law the legalisation of THC edible use. Many believe the world’s poster child country for edible consumption has already done this, but in fact, all cannabis cultivation, trading, and consumption sit in a strange grey area in Dutch law. Where it is basically decriminalised and other areas of the law are not enforced, some acts concerning cannabis in the Netherlands are still illegal if the law is followed in its purest form. But it is probably not too widely mentioned for the reason of cannabis tourism revenue, I imagine.

Additionally, as history has shown us many times, social change and acceptance are normally slightly more progressive than political and legislative change, particularly in the UK, whose legal and political structure is built with an uncodified constitution. This means it has been a normal situation to build laws on top of existing laws to change or modify the former, or in some cases, allow laws to lapse without officially changing the legal status at all. This is likely to be the path for any change to the legal status of edibles in the UK, alongside high THC products overall. The future of edibles looks bright.

When will the answer be Yes in reply to ‘Are edibles legal UK?’

It is likely with time, the police will withdraw more and more resources from cannabis prosecutions, and they will phase into a transitional stage of law, where the judiciary will no longer look to prosecute and push the legislative brand of the executive to redefine the definitions and laws surrounding cannabis and high THC products.

But that is largely my semi-educated prediction of what will possibly come over the next five or so years, using the pattern that has started to emerge in UK politics and law in more recent decades. Well, I hope my A-level Politics teacher comes across this blog and realises I was actually paying attention…. sometimes.

Legal Edibles Uk

Are CBD Edibles Safe?

CBD edibles are generally safe when purchased from reputable sources, with the FSA stating there are no immediate risks to health from consuming CBD. But do ensure that brand products undergo lab testing for potency and actively publish them on their website for certainty of what you are looking to purchase. Even at very large, unrecommended doses of CBD, human tolerance has been high, with very few adverse effects or reactions. Some may experience mild side effects such as drowsiness or dry mouth from ingestion of CBD in different oral forms.

It is incredibly rare for people to experience anything worse than dizziness, and again, that would generally be experienced from an accidental overdose, which mostly is the failure of the user’s ability to read and follow labelling guidance. CBD should not be mixed with medications unless you have been advised to by a doctor.

THC Edible Safety

THC is slightly more problematic and can, in some cases, bring on hallucinations, and mainly due to users mixing tobacco with their cannabis and smoking it traditionally, it has been linked to lung inflammation and lung function issues, but that is the same for all combustible forms of smoking, particularly tobacco smoke. Regular cannabis use can lead to addiction, however, and increased emergency department visits. So, taking the necessary precautions is always advisable to be on the safe side. If you believe you may have problematic THC use or an addiction, there are many non-judgemental, understanding and supportive organisations in nearly all countries of the world ready to support, please reach out to your local drug and addiction centre for more information.

World Health Organization’s (WHO) review of CBD edibles and products

The World Health Organization’s (WHO) last review of CBD edibles and CBD products as a whole concluded that CBD does not cause addiction and that it shows promising therapeutic uses that warrant further research. It went so far as to publish a list of diseases that it is keen for further research with CBD to be done with the possible outcome being positive in the way of being able to treat the diseases.

Top Tips When Buying Edibles in the UK

When you are looking to buy CBD edibles legally online in the UK, there are a few bits of advice to follow to ensure you are getting the best quality and value for your money.

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Quality of the edible

When it comes to choosing weed edibles, it’s important to prioritise quality. Look for certifications, organic ingredients, the type of CBD used, and transparent sourcing information as indicators of a high-quality product. Premium natural ingredients and precise manufacturing processes are key factors that contribute to the overall quality of CBD edible products. To gauge the quality of a brand, take the time to research their website, reputation, and customer reviews, either on their site or on Trustpilot, for example. Look for awards and publications they have been featured in. By doing so, you can ensure that you’re purchasing top-notch edibles that deliver on both taste and potency.

Lab reports

When purchasing edibles, it is important to look for brands that provide lab reports or certificates of analysis (COAs) for transparency. Lab reports confirm the accurate levels of THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids present in the product, as well as other important information such as heavy metals. Trustworthy brands willingly share their lab reports to guarantee the safety and efficacy of their edible products, which gives you peace of mind knowing what it is you are purchasing. If you need help understanding the reports, reach out to the brand. They should be happy to help you.

Check CBD edible Product Reviews.

Roughly 75% of buyers already check reviews prior to parting with their hard-earned money. But it is always worth a reminder to check product reviews and company reviews before purchasing your popular CBD edibles, as product reviews can tell you a lot and help you make your mind up. Also, go with your gut; if they sound or look engineered and have no verified badges, or if they are all reviews by profiles only ever having done that one single review before on Trustpilot, your instinct is probably correct to feel something isn’t right.

The best CBD edibles in the UK

When it comes to selecting the best CBD edibles in the UK, there are a few key factors to consider. First and foremost, it’s important to look for CBD edible brands that have positive customer reviews and a strong online reputation. This not only ensures the quality of the product but also gives you peace of mind, knowing that others have had a positive experience with them overall. There is no point in having the best product that arrives weeks after ordering.

In addition, it’s crucial to choose CBD edibles where the CBD is derived from high-quality, organically grown hemp. Sadly, the parts of the hemp plant that produce the most CBD still cannot be legally harvested in the UK, so mainly organic hemp-derived CBD comes from Europe or the USA. Taking the time to research the sourcing and extraction methods used by reputable CBD brands can also provide valuable insight into the quality of their finished products.

When selecting the best CBD edibles, other important factors to consider are those that come down to personal choices, such as potency, flavour, and size.Edibles Uk

It is also a very good idea to look for edibles that don’t just contain CBD but other beneficial ingredients that work in synergy to boost overall effectiveness, such as nootropic mushrooms found in lion’s mane gummies or adaptogens found in ashwagandha gummies.

What Edibles are good for pain and anxiety?

When it comes to edibles that are good for pain and anxiety, here at The London Dispensary, we have recently launched High Strength CBD fruit jellies that not only contain a huge 50mg CBD per jelly, but they also contain ashwagandha and reishi mushroom, which potentially support pain management and anxiety within individuals. Currently only available in the UK, look no further for a CBD edible that has the potential to support stress and anxiety.

Let’s Sum Up The Edibles

Phew, that was a lot we covered! So, hopefully, you now have a really good and clear understanding of the types and differences between different edibles found in the UK and the legal status of CBD edibles and THC edibles, as well as feeling more confident knowing what to look for and what to look out for when it comes to purchasing your edibles online.

Always read the labels and packaging, stick to the recommendations provided, and make sure you research your chosen brand well before purchasing. Now go and buy some CBD edibles and start experiencing them for yourself!


FAQ Edibles UK

Will CBD edibles get me high?

CBD edibles will not get you high. These edibles contain less than 1mg of THC per pack, which is the psychoactive compound responsible for the "high" feeling. CBD is a non-psychoactive compound found in hemp plants. Always check the label or ask the manufacturer about the THC content in CBD edibles. The 1mg of THC per pack threshold is the legally required maximum limit allowed in CBD products in the UK.

Are edibles legal in the UK?

In the UK, THC edibles are not currently legal. However, CBD edibles with 1mg of THC or less per pack are legal for consumption and purchase. It's important to note that cannabis is classified as a Class B drug, and possession, production, and supply of cannabis edibles can result in criminal charges. Medical cannabis may be obtained from pharmacies legally with a prescription.

What are the effects of cannabis edibles?

Cannabis edibles can take 30 minutes to 2 hours to kick in, with effects lasting up to 12 hours. However there are many variables to this such as weight, height, age, health conditions, last intake of food and water, hydration levels and other. The dosage and individual tolerance determine the intensity of relaxation, euphoria, altered perception, increased appetite, and impaired coordination.

Can I take CBD gummies to the UK?

Yes it is possible to take CBD gummies to the UK, as CBD products with under 1mg of THC per pack are legal in the UK. But we recommend that you keep the product in the original packaging with the label and keep a document or link to the brands web page to be able to prove the THC content if you are stopped and asked to prove what the product is on entry to the UK.

Are edibles illegal?

It varies considerably when its comes to answering are edibles illegal. Depending on the type of edible and country or even state you live in will determine if edibles are illegal where you are. For example in the UK CBD edibles are not illegal, but any edible with over 1mg of THC content per pack would be considered illegal. This slightly varies across Europe as a whole. But in the USA looking at illegal edibles becomes a lot trickier to do, as the variability is very high in definition and state laws.

What is THC gummies good for?

What THC gummies good for, well like all THC edibles, THC gummies are used due to their various medicinal effects, including euphoria, relaxation, and pain relief. They are a favourite amongst THC edible users, because of their convenient, tasty, and discreet properties. They are often easy to purchase because THC gummies are relatively easy to make even for the inexperienced confectioner.

Do edibles make eyes red?

Yes edibles can make your eyes red, but generally only the THC edibles. If it contains THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) then redness of the eyes is a distinct possibility due to the effect THC has on them.

Are CBD edibles legal in the UK

Yes, CBD edibles are legal in the UK, as long as they contain less than 1mg of THC per pack. However, there are some regulations regarding CBD edibles such as correct labelling and novel food requirements.

Are CBD edibles safe for pregnancy?

Are CBD edibles safe during pregnancy? The FSA advises to consult with your doctor being consuming CBD when pregnant. Even though the latest toxicology studies have found no ability for CBD to alter our DNA structure the FSA do not believe there is enough evidence to claim it safe for consumption while pregnant.


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Last updated APRIL 2024 PROFESSIONAL DISCLAIMER The health, legal, and fitness information provided has been written by authors who have experience, subject matter knowledge, and/or education and/or qualifications that are relevant to the subject matter. It has been thoroughly researched prior to publication, and sources used to support a statement, quote, statistic. study, or claim are linked within the text for ease of referencing and user experience. The date of the last review of the content is displayed at the top of the post. However, due to the fast paced nature of research, scientific discoveries, and changes in law, this may cause some information to become inaccurate between reviews, which happen no more than every 6 months per article we publish. Due to this, the information is, to the best of our knowledge and ability, correct within reason at the time of publication and from the last review date. For that reason, the published content is for general informational and educational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional advice. Please seek the advice of a professional in the subject matter field, be it a healthcare professional, a legal professional, and so forth. A trained professional, can give personalised, localised, and specific advice and information tailored for each individual and their situation. TESTIMONIALS DISCLAIMER The Site contains testimonials by customers and users of our products. These testimonials reflect the real-life experiences and opinions of such customers and users. However, the experiences are personal to those particular users, and may not necessarily be representative of all users of our products. We do not claim, and you should not assume, that all users or purchasers will have the same experiences. The testimonials on the site are submitted in various forms, such as text, audio, and/or video, and are reviewed by us before being posted. to verify the reviewer has actually purchased the product they are reviewing previously, and that the language used and content submitted is relevant to the product and suitable for our site visitors, e.g. does not contain profanity, etc. Additionally, we check to ensure no personal information is shared in the content submitted as a product or store review before approving its publishing on our site. Reviews and testimonials appear on the Site verbatim, as given by the users, except for the correction of grammar or typing errors. We are unable to edit reviews that have been submitted to ensure they remain authentic and truthful. Some testimonials found on our site may have been shortened, but they are not displayed out of context, and the displayed content has not been changed or altered from the reviewer's full submission. Reviews marked as verified have been automatically verified using the information submitted by the reviewer against our ordering system to ensure they have purchased the reviewed product from our site previously. The views and opinions contained in the testimonials belong solely to the individual user and do not reflect our views and opinions. We are not affiliated with users who provide testimonials, and users are not paid or otherwise compensated for their testimonials. Even though many businesses incentivize their customers with personal gain via discounts or coupon rewards, to leave reviews, we DO NOT, we want to ensure we run a transparent, trustworthy, honest, business with integrity. The testimonials on the Site are not intended, nor should they be construed, as claims that our products and/or services can be used to diagnose, treat, mitigate, cure, prevent, or otherwise be used for any disease or medical condition. No testimonials have been clinically proven or evaluated. PRESS, JOURNALIST, OR INFLUENCER QUOTES OR REVIEWS All quotes on our site from publications, journalists, celebrities, or influencers are quoted verbatim. Due to the nature of articles and publications being lengthy, quotes may be taken from larger sections of text, which would be unrealistic to show in their entirety. The publication, and author being quoted will appear with the quote. All quotes shared on our site are real, and have not been purchased, they come from legitimate PR related activity without commercial incentive. All quotes are the author's opinion and experience, not our own. This includes any awards we have received, as they have been awarded by an independent panel based on their opinion and experience and should not be taken as any claim being made for the effectiveness or use of our products. Results, effectiveness, and overall benefit are subjective, and personal to each user.
DISCLAIMER Last updated February 2024 WEBSITE DISCLAIMER The information provided by The London Dispensary ('we', 'us', or 'our') on https://thelondondispensary.com (the 'Site') is for general informational purposes only. All information on the Site is provided in good faith, however we make no representation or warranty of any kind, express or implied, regarding the accuracy, adequacy, validity, reliability, availability, or completeness of any information on the Site. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE SHALL WE HAVE ANY LIABILITY TO YOU FOR ANY LOSS OR DAMAGE OF ANY KIND INCURRED AS A RESULT OF THE USE OF THE SITE OR RELIANCE ON ANY INFORMATION PROVIDED ON THE SITE. YOUR USE OF THE SITE AND YOUR RELIANCE ON ANY INFORMATION ON THE SITE IS SOLELY AT YOUR OWN RISK. EXTERNAL LINKS DISCLAIMER The Site may contain (or you may be sent through the Site) links to other websites or content belonging to or originating from third parties or links to websites and features in banners or other advertising. Such external links are not investigated, monitored, or checked for accuracy, adequacy, validity, reliability, availability, or completeness by us. WE DO NOT WARRANT, ENDORSE, GUARANTEE, OR ASSUME RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE ACCURACY OR RELIABILITY OF ANY INFORMATION OFFERED BY THIRD-PARTY WEBSITES LINKED THROUGH THE SITE OR ANY WEBSITE OR FEATURE LINKED IN ANY BANNER OR OTHER ADVERTISING. WE WILL NOT BE A PARTY TO OR IN ANY WAY BE RESPONSIBLE FOR MONITORING ANY TRANSACTION BETWEEN YOU AND THIRD-PARTY PROVIDERS OF PRODUCTS OR SERVICES. PROFESSIONAL DISCLAIMER The health, legal, fitness information is provided for general informational and educational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional advice. Accordingly, before taking any actions based upon such information, we encourage you to consult with the appropriate professionals.THE USE OR RELIANCE OF ANY INFORMATION CONTAINED ON THE SITE IS SOLELY AT YOUR OWN RISK. TESTIMONIALS DISCLAIMER The Site may contain testimonials by users of our products and/or services. These testimonials reflect the real-life experiences and opinions of such users. However, the experiences are personal to those particular users, and may not necessarily be representative of all users of our products and/or services. We do not claim, and you should not assume, that all users will have the same experiences. YOUR INDIVIDUAL RESULTS MAY VARY. The testimonials on the Site are submitted in various forms such as text, audio and/or video, and are reviewed by us before being posted. They appear on the Site verbatim as given by the users, except for the correction of grammar or typing errors. Some testimonials may have been shortened for the sake of brevity where the full testimonial contained extraneous information not relevant to the general public. The views and opinions contained in the testimonials belong solely to the individual user and do not reflect our views and opinions. We are not affiliated with users who provide testimonials, and users are not paid or otherwise compensated for their testimonials. The testimonials on the Site are not intended, nor should they be construed, as claims that our products and/or services can be used to diagnose, treat, mitigate, cure, prevent, or otherwise be used for any disease or medical condition. No testimonials have been clinically proven or evaluated.

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