Can you take CBD oil on a plane in 2023?

by | Jun 11, 2023

can you take cbd on a plane?

We answer can you take CBD oil on a plane and travel internationally and across Europe…..


A common question amongst new and repeat users of CBD oil is, can you take CBD oil on a plane with you internationally or domestically for travel? In part due to international travel resuming somewhat, but also due to the increase in using CBD for help with anxiety and other benefits it can bring. We answer some of the most frequently asked travelling with CBD questions with the most up-to-date view we can.

Wondering about the restrictions in travelling with CBD oil has likely come from the quick growth in the number of CBD users worldwide. So it is understandable that wanting to understand more about flying with CBD oil is something many people want to be up to date with the restrictions around the world. No one wants to be in any avoidable situations while travelling with CBD!


Can I travel internationally with CBD oil?


Well, in a lot of cases, the answer is yes; you are able to travel with many CBD products. However, generally, to do so safely, there are a number of requirements to bear in mind! But you still need to do some homework before being certain. There are no-go zones, such as Singapore, China and Saudi Arabia. Where you should never travel with CBD oil, sadly, Hong Kong recently has also had pass into law the same ban as China mainland, with CBD now becoming a region you cannot travel with CBD at all, in any form.


Advice before travelling with CBD oil


Having a good research of the laws and CBD in the region you are looking to travel to, in this ever-changing legal area, is key. Manly laws also vary depending on whether CBD is topical (in a balm or cream) or ingestible (drops or gummies etc). This can make things a little more complicated. As an example, in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) topical CBD is permitted, but CBD oil is banned. But do not worry, as a good high-strength and quality CBD cream or balm can still give you the relief desired while travelling.

As mentioned, due to the ever-changing and evolving laws on Cannabis worldwide, which generally includes CBD even though it’s non-psychoactive and hemp-derived. But it’s best to take advice from the embassy you are looking to travel with CBD oil or products to. As well as any countries you may pass through on the way. Embassies will be able to provide the latest and most accurate information on where you can and cannot travel with CBD too. We advise, if possible, to get a printed or email copy of their advice as well, just in case.

It largely will depend on what type of CBD you have and wish to travel with. However, make sure to be clear about the product and its content when approaching an embassy for advice on CBD.

With regards to UK law, all CBD products must contain less than 1mg of THC. This is basically none, as it becomes far too small to pick up or detect at these levels. We refer to this as ‘no trace THC’ as there is no traceable THC compound to be found in our products. But remember you are responsible if your CBD oil contains banned cannabinoids. The excuse that you were told it contains under this is generally not accepted. So be sure and make sure it’s clear what the THC level is, or you could be holding a controlled substance.


Can I take CBD oil on a plane within Europe?


At the London Dispensary, we only use industrial hemp-derived CBD (Cannabis Sativa L), which is 100% legal in all European countries when writing this update. Providing it contains no THC. THC level allowance is slightly different by each country, with some countries allowing low levels of THC, generally up to 0.2%. But you do have the exception to the rule with Switzerland allowing as much as 1% THC content.

As we mentioned, this is why it’s important to select a brand that is transparent with its products. Look for easy-to-read and notice labels stating the level of THC in the product, such as the simple emblem system we use at the London Dispensary on all of our products and boxes. Look for third-party ISO-accredited laboratory reports that state the level of all cannabinoids in the product. Ours are held on their own separate page with all our regulatory information and nutritional information, making it quick and easy to use as a reference if stopped.

Finally, look for a statement on the website to ensure it is hemp-derived CBD, ours is found in our footer at the bottom of every page. Do not take the labels off your CBD products hoping that will help; it generally won’t.

Don’t forget the rules regarding liquids when travelling. This relates to CBD products also!


Taking CBD on a plane in the USA


In the USA, CBD oils come in a huge variety with and without THC of various different levels, which makes it slightly more complicated a matter. Medical cannabis, which has the psychoactive THC in high quantities, is legal in some states across the USA. However, all US airports are controlled under federal law, which again is an ever-changing minefield for legal issues and law changes in this area.

This is mainly due to the fact that under federal law, THC is illegal in the USA as it currently stands. But this seems to be changing rapidly, but not yet. Meaning, that if you purchase a bottle of CBD oil high in THC in California, you cannot get on a plane with high levels of THC in it to fly to a different state or even within the same state.

But, CBD has been removed from the controlled substances list by the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) which is the department in the USA federally which enforces drug protection laws. Flying with our hemp-derived broad-spectrum CBD oil from the London Dispensary, you will not be breaking any laws. State or federal in the US. However, principles should ideally still be followed:

    1. A clear label stating THC levels – The London Dispensary shows an easy icon system
    2. Save the 3rd party laboratory report stating the THC level or no THC level is actually what you want it to say.
    3. Save the product pay of the product purchased that clearly shows the CBD is hemp-derived
    4. Check with the Embassy before travelling to the country, and get written advice if possible, from them to travel with.

We can also supply a COA (Certification of Analysis) upon request, which is a very hefty document, hence why it’s not uploaded onto the website. But the COA clearly shows the origin of our CBD, the process it has gone through and everything else required by all legal systems to show clear proof of what it is.

You may encounter a misinformed officer that doesn’t yet grasp the difference between CBD and THC products, don’t worry the worst they can do is take the product off you. If the product is from the London Dispensary, please let us know if this happens.


Taking CBD on a plane across Asia, Africa or the rest of the world


Ok, this is a hard and tricky one. As mentioned earlier, Hong Kong has moved to banning CBD just showing how quickly laws are changing one way or the other. CBD gets mixed up and confused with local cannabis laws intended for marijuana and cannabis oils, those high in THC, which is rather unhelpful and can lead to officers at the airports making their own decisions, we have found. But remember, hemp-derived CBD products aren’t intoxicating, so being caught in a grey area locally is just that, nothing more.

In Thailand, which ironically maybe is well on its way to legalising cannabis in totality due to the huge increase from tourism it is likely to bring. There have been reports of some people getting 5 years in Thai jail for carrying legal prescription medication like Tramadol, only to find they are then criminals as soon as they land in Thailand. The importation of CBD products in Thailand is still unclear law-wise, so check with the Embassy before travelling there.

Even hemp seeds used for salads in Egypt have seen people land themselves in very serious situations.

Horror stories do exist for CBD, unfortunately, but these CBD horror stories are few and far between. Follow our principles and stay up to date. There are plenty of posts on TripAdvisor forums and others that people have easily and safely travelled across borders with single bottles CBD oil in their hand luggage. When flying internationally, take even more time to check using our principles.

Can You Take Cbd On A Plane 2023

Take away advice


Check with local authorities or the in-country embassy before you take CBD oil on a plane, international or domestically, to feel most comfortable.

We know a large number of people use CBD for anxiety, and having these issues when travelling with CBD oil is not going to help. To ensure you feel as comfortable as possible, make a list of all of the countries you will pass through, and contact the local authorities, if possible, or the Embassy for that country in your home country. Also, about the CBD oil or CBD products you wish to take and get advice.


A final point on travelling with CBD products


Especially if flying via countries like Singapore or Hong Kong now, be fully up to date with the changing laws and dates for these changes. If you are still concerned, understandably, a great tip is to speak to ask your airline if you can take CBD oil on the plane, if it’s possible, they may be able to help answer this for you as well. CBD is incredibly common now across the world; just be clued up with information, ask before flying, and allow yourself to relax, knowing you are staying within all the laws of the countries you will pass through.

Happy travels!


Can you travel with CBD Cream?

If you are looking to travel with CBD Cream, it is best to follow the principles in our blog above. Check with the embassy of the country you are looking to travel to, to ensure a legal trip.

Can you carry CBD oil on an international flight?

To answer: can you carry CBD oil on an international flight, it is best to check with the local embassy of the country you are looking to travel to first to be 100% sure you can.

Can you travel internationally with CBD gummies?

If you want to know if you can travel internationally with CBD gummies, it is best to check with the embassy locally for the country that you wish to travel to if the information is not available on their website.


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