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We believe in a multi-dimensional approach to mental wellness. The perfect partner to create the maximum effect with our aromatherapy and CBD products is mindfulness.

Helping you achieve [ Wellness From Within ] through Mindfulness


[ Mindfulness ]



  1. the quality of state of being conscious or aware of something
  2. a mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations, used as a therapeutic technique.
Mindfulness Hemp

Take a moment for yourself, say positively


Below are a sample selection of aroma guided mindfulness exercises. To be used to their fullest with one of our aromatherapy based products.

To receive a new exercise every week, sign up to our newsletter (bottom of the page) to get Mindfulness Mondays exercise directly to your inbox each week Make sure to take a moment for yourself. 

Aroma Guide

Exercise 1:

Light your candle or wax melt burner, or apply your aromatherapy product. Be seated, with willing hands (palms resting on knees, and facing towards the sky)

For 3 minutes (set a timer). 

Focus on the aromas that wash over you from your CBD aromatherapy guide. If the mind wanders bring your thoughts back to the present by re-establishing a connection with your sense of smell. Keep focusing on the present moment.

It is as simple as that. It is normal for your mind to wander but the practise is the acknowledge when it does and bring your thoughts back to the present, using the aroma as an anchor.

Take Time For Yourself

Dripping Tap Guide Mindfulness Exercise

Exercise 2:

Be seated, with willing hands (palms resting on knees, and facing towards the sky)

For at least 3 minutes (set a timer).

Can you be present to the sounds around you in the room? Catch each sound, name it, then let it go. The same with each of your thoughts, catch it, acknowledge it then let it go.

If your mind wanders, acknowledge that it happened and bring your focus back to the present.

Keep practising mindfulness it keeps getting stronger as a skill along side your own strength!


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31 reviews
10% CBD Sleep Drops w/ Terpenes & L-theanine
Ayva (England, United Kingdom)
Best for sleep

I’ve been having problems with my sleep for a long time and I’ve tried many products,, other CBD brands without any effect or a temporary fix.
I can honesty say this CBD works for me. I fall asleep and stay asleep all night. I am impressed and very happy that I finally found something that works. Thank you!

Hi Ayva,
Amazing to hear! It's definitely that terpene power giving the broad-spectrum CBD a kick.

Thank you for your review,
The London Dispensary Team

Amazing product

I have a stressful job so I was searching for something to calm me down but as well to give me a boost of energy and concentration. These gummies work wonders for me and I don’t want to be without them.
I would need 2 a day to feel the effect. I feel a difference on the days I forget to take them so I make sure I keep them handy in my bag:)

HI Ayva,
We are delighted to hear that the CBD, chaga, ginseng and Lion's Mane gummies fit into your day perfectly and that you found the boost you were looking for! We offer a very handy monthly subscription service for the gummies that offers great savings too: https://thelondondispensary.com/product/gummies-subscription/

Thank you for your review, and for having us plant a tree for it too,
The London Dispensary Team

Adaptogen Infused CBD Oral Drops
Philip B. (England, United Kingdom)
A great CBD oil for anxiety

I have tried a number of CBD oils for anxiety before, I now know they were nowhere near strong enough to do very much. I have now used the 10% and 15% versions of The London Dispensary's calming drops, and I can feel that the higher CBD content and the blend of other natural ingredients really do make a substantial difference, as this is the oil that's helped me more than others brands I have tried.

I love the sustainable packaging and think the brand is just so lovely and thoughtfully created. I am giving the new CBD jellies a go at the moment, but always have one of these on hand in case I need something a bit stronger.

Hi Philip.
Great to hear you have also felt the benefits of our CBD oil for anxiety. It is one of our personal favourites as well. The ashwagandha and ginkgo really seem to give the CBD a helping hand compared to normal CBD oil alone.
Thank you for your review,
The London Dispensary Team

p.s. we have some trees we need to get planted for your reviews!

Great lion's mane CBD gummies

These Lion's mane and CBD gummies are just great. Instead of having to take all of these supplements separately, I can take them together in gummies. Which is far more convenient, and much easier while on the go.

I definitely feel I have less brain fog, and they do calm me which helps me to focus. Its hard to only have 2 a day as they do taste really good!

Hi Philip,
Thank you for your review. It is great to hear how our lion's mane CBD gummies with additional nootropics have been helping you. We do offer them on a monthly subscription should this be more convenient, as you save around 35% off the RRP each month plus free postage every month!
The London Dispensary Team

Natural anxiety help

I have been trying these CBD jellies with ashwagandha and reishi mushroom and wanted to share how much they've helped me. They taste really good, much better than other CBD edibles I have tried. After trying these jellies, I noticed a real difference in my mood and anxiety levels allowing me to be more productive without so much worry.

They are like a healthy snack. If you struggle with anxiety. I really recommend giving these a try as a natural alternative.

Hi Philip,

Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback with us. We're delighted to hear that our CBD jellies with ashwagandha and reishi mushroom have been beneficial for managing your anxiety while providing a delicious treat.

We look forward to welcoming you back to our store soon.

The London Dispensary Team

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